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Jade Alberts Consulting

#StartupSpotlight On Jade Alberts Consulting: From Aha To Enterprise

By Janil Jean , Oct 4 2017
The simplest idea often germinates and takes root to ...

#StartupSpotlight – How Vulpine Rebranded With A Splash

By Janil Jean , Feb 3 2017
Nine out of ten startups fail, many anticipate their ...

Misunderstood Business Terms Entrepreneurs Can’t Afford To Ignore

By Janil Jean , Aug 18 2016
“Cost cutting…I mean cost control…uh… cost cutting.” We’ve all been ...
Incubating Education Startups

#StartupSpotlight: Incubating Education Startups the 4pt0 Way

By Janil Jean , Jun 7 2016
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; ...
Building Global Communities

#StartupSpotlight: Building Global Communities with Social Impact Enterprise Model

By Janil Jean , May 11 2016
In a world of natural calamities, political strife, social ...
StartupSpotlight feat

#StartupSpotlight: Disrupting Socialpreneurship with Technology and Transparency

By Janil Jean , Apr 8 2016
The world was clearly demarcated as far as enterprises ...