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6 Things These Brand Identities Can Teach Us About Visual Brand Association

By Raquel Addams , May 7 2018
The business world is extremely competitive, and brands always need to stay on the edge with effective marketing and branding techniques. Not only do you need to ...
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Personal Branding Formula Nailed By 6 Top Female Entrepreneurs

By Mehreen Siddiqua , Apr 25 2017
Personal branding goes beyond the idea of what you have already achieved. It implies what you really want to be known for. “You too are a brand whether you ...
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How Disney Built an Empire by Designing Brand Experience

By Janil Jean , Dec 11 2015
Remember how your childhood was surrounded by lovable characters from Disney animations? All the hours we spent watching the adventures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The lessons on ...
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What Experts Are Saying About Brand Experience Design

By Janil Jean , Jul 1 2015
A cup of Joe, the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee beans, my favorite corner table, and several newspapers and magazines to pick from kick starts me into ...
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Brand Design Tips To Make Your Customers Swoon

By Kathleen Burns , Feb 10 2015
Your brand’s identity can be decorated much like your home - it can represent the seasons, the holidays, and other seasonal celebrations that your company and your customers ...
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Winning With Breast Cancer Cause Marketing

By Janil Jean , Oct 29 2014
This Wednesday, instead of the usual designer focused post, I’ve come up with a winning idea, although not in the sense that you think. I am talking about ...
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8 Women-Owned Businesses in San Francisco That Need Rebranding

By Janil Jean , Oct 13 2014
Women entrepreneurs are thriving in the world today as never before. They brave deadly challenges of the corporate world like any other male business owner who wants to ...
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7 Entrepreneurs Who Took the #ALSIceBucketChallenge Head On!

By Janil Jean , Aug 28 2014
Witness tech titans taking the plunge! You must be living under a rock if you aren’t aware of the massive frenzy around the ALS ice bucket challenge.  The challenge ...
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A Fontastic Story

By Janil Jean , Aug 15 2014
I bet you’ve never thought your life as a graphic designer anything near adventurous or exciting. Well that’s where you are wrong! “The world is a canvas to ...
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6 Tips to Effectively Use Storytelling to Boost Your Brand

By Janil Jean , Jul 14 2014
‘You’re never going to kill storytelling, because it’s built into the human plan. We come with it.’  Margaret Atwood, Author. Think about the times when you were happiest and ...
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