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Seven Attention Grabbing Sales Page Design Techniques Modern UI Designers Bet On

By Raquel Addams , Sep 17 2018
If you’re looking to up the ante when it comes to conversions, a sales page could be your best bet! Sales pages are standalone landing pages, specifically designed ...
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Marijuana Logos: 20 Top Marijuana Logo Designs

By Raquel Addams , Sep 6 2018
Considering the controversial history, pharmaceutical lobbyists, and legal limitations on its back, cannabis is still a very young industry. Businesses in the marijuana niche have to be very ...
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Believe It Or Not, These Are (Actually) Fonts!

By Raquel Addams , Aug 30 2018
Fonts are one of the most important aspects in every typography and everyone intends to use unique and striking fonts to demonstrate their content and writing at its ...
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A List Of 20 Female UI And UX Designers Rocking The Web Design Industry

By Raquel Addams , Jul 30 2018
Women are not just getting into the job market; they’re taking control of it. There are now several females in the lead for many industries, even if they ...
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Handy Resources To Learn The ABC Of Web Design

By Raquel Addams , Jul 20 2018
Web design is one of those skills where an expert would be best. However, it is also a skill that we can teach ourselves with the right tools ...
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Microsoft Vs. Apple: Which Is Better For Graphic Designing?

By Raquel Addams , Jun 25 2018
The endless debate between Microsoft and Apple seems to be never-ending. While Apple has been the go-to technology for graphic designers for years, Microsoft is now ...
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