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Need For Speed: Ways To Accelerate Your Graphic Design Learning Skills

By Aamina Suleman , Feb 26 2019
The pace at which the design industry is evolving needs each one of us to be on our toes. We cannot afford to leisurely learn. We need to ...
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Extrovert Vs Introvert Designer: Who Are You?

By Aamina Suleman , Nov 13 2018
Designers are never the same. This is why we have heterogeneous designs in this world; otherwise everything would’ve been the same and that would’ve been totally unexciting. There are ...
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20 Quotes For Aspiring Designers From World-Famous Design Experts

By Raquel Addams , Nov 5 2018
Whether you are a professional graphic designing geek or if you are searching for some creative graphic design inspiration, then you should certainly have a look at the ...
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Hyper-Talented Graphic Creatives From The Middle East

By Raquel Addams , Sep 25 2018
Introduction: The diversity of cultures in the Middle East has allowed the art of graphic design to be enriched with creative designs. This is based on the fact that ...
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Seven Attention Grabbing Sales Page Design Techniques Modern UI Designers Bet On

By Raquel Addams , Sep 17 2018
If you’re looking to up the ante when it comes to conversions, a sales page could be your best bet! Sales pages are standalone landing pages, specifically designed ...
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Microsoft Vs. Apple: Which Is Better For Graphic Designing?

By Raquel Addams , Jun 25 2018
The endless debate between Microsoft and Apple seems to be never-ending. While Apple has been the go-to technology for graphic designers for years, Microsoft is now ...
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Top 7 Lessons From All-Time Favorite Romantic Movies For Designer And Client Relationship

By Aamina Suleman , Feb 13 2018
I’m not the sort of person who can sit through a movie with a straight face. Yup, it’s all acting but it’s crazy how the feelings, ...
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Bauhaus: The Silent Design Movement

By Janil Jean , Jul 10 2015
You may not know them, but they have been embedding design psychology in young minds long before you were born. Many designers across the world may not even ...
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Forgiveness Policy

By Janil Jean , Nov 19 2014
Working as a freelance graphic designer is tough, especially when you have to work on multiple projects at the same time. Mistakes are bound to happen. While stealing ...
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