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Illustrator, Inkscape, Corel Draw: Which Software Makes A Winning Logo?

By Raquel Addams , Jul 16 2019
A lot of mental labor goes into creating the perfect logo. After all the planning, pondering, and sketching before you sit down at the computer, you want to ...
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Gestalt Theory for Logo Designers – How It All Comes Together In Brand Marks

By Raquel Addams , Apr 10 2019
Graphic designers often have an innate sense of design. However, it is when some concrete principles refine that innate sense and bring the unconsciousness into consciousness, great design ...
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Up Your Logo Designing Game! Top YouTube Channels With Handy Tutorials

By Aamina Suleman , Oct 25 2018
Trying to get your hands on logo design tutorials? I’ve made an awesome list for you with YouTube channels that teach how to design a logo ...
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Marijuana Logos: 20 Top Marijuana Logo Designs

By Raquel Addams , Sep 6 2018
Considering the controversial history, pharmaceutical lobbyists, and legal limitations on its back, cannabis is still a very young industry. Businesses in the marijuana niche have to be very ...
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Dynamic Vs. Static Logo Design: What Suits Your E-Commerce Brand?

By Raquel Addams , May 2 2018
Whether you are an emerging e-commerce brand or a seasoned one, we are sure you must have heard about the tussle between dynamic and static logos. Over the ...
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Why World of Warcraft Has a New Logo Every Expansion

By Kathleen Burns , Nov 13 2014
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor just had its worldwide release. If you didn’t know much about the World of Warcraft game, it has several million players worldwide, ...
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20 Logo Designs That Give You the Creeps

By Kathleen Burns , Oct 23 2014
Paranormal activities happen, you have to admit, at so many levels. But if you are a graphic designer, the only terrifying moments are those experienced during peak seasons ...
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10 Sports Fanatic Logo Designers Who Are Scoring High!

By Janil Jean , Sep 1 2014
Sports are the gelling factor of every society, it helps the community at large to co-exist and come together, sharing the same passions. And sports logos ...
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Better Than Airbnb Logo Contest – Vote for the Winner!

By Kathleen Burns , Aug 12 2014
ZillionDesigns launched a contest which encouraged our 50,000+ designers to create a more appropriate Airbnb design than the one they recently released. (Take that as you will!) We joke about ...
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8 Secrets to Logo Design Like a Pro

By Kathleen Burns , Jul 24 2014
First impressions matter. To a business, their logo is the first impression potential customers encounter about their brand and companies pay big to have a great logo to entice customers to buy ...
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