Freebies Icons

Download an assortment of free icons from our database for your website designs and application designs for both commercial and personal use. Use these freebies to guide visitors across your web layout from one landing page to another to assist them in completing their buyer’s journey. Let’s take a look at the kind of free icons without attribution that you can use.

Free AI Logo Maker

Icon Styles

In our collection of downloadable icons, you’ll find a number of design styles. Get icons in the following styles:

  • classic black and white combination
  • drop shadow and trendy long-shadow
  • colorful and grayscale line art
  • flat two-dimensional designs
  • white icons on colored background
  • glass effect circular and square icons
  • simple monochromatic shapes

This is just the tip of the mountain, explore to find more amazing designs.

Icon Types

These small elements have a huge impact if you know what they are and how to use them. Initially, there are three main types of icons.

  • Literal – icons that depict resemblance with existing physical objects.
  • Symbolic – reference icons signifying an object, action or idea.
  • Representative – arbitrary icons describe a function with no direct connection to an object.

Icon Objects

When you’re designing a layout for the web, you mostly need icons of common objects within an industry so people understand and click on them. Thus, you can download icon png of mundane objects popular in their respective industries.

Icon Usage

Icons are always used for online purposes and became popular after icon designer Susan Kare introduced them in Apple computers. There are many ways to create an icon design, but using an icon isn’t the same as making one. You can use icons for app designing, on website designs, and for laptop or desktop software icons. Some icons can be used as it is since they’re self-explanatory while some may need a label. It depends on how you’re planning to incorporate them in your project.