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My spirit lies in the distant past that I never saw with my own eyes but wish to reveal it to the world there is wisdom in the old adage. My heart lies in a future that is filled with imaginative art, technological advancements and scientific discovery in tomorrow-land. In my present, I want to bring about positive change through simple innovative ideas for businesses, brands, visual graphic designers and the world community at large.

Personal Branding Formula Nailed By 6 Top Female Entrepreneurs

Personal branding goes beyond the idea of what you have already achieved. It implies what you really want to be known for. “You too are a brand whether you know it or not. Whether you like it or not.” Marc Ecko Personal branding ...

Creative Loading Animations You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off

If your website takes time to load, more than half the visitors will not give you more than 10 seconds. After that the show’s over. You can lose some precious traffic this way. For the visitors who wait ...

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