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UX in Website Design

7 Ways Typography Improves UX in Website Design

By Michael Baker , Jul 10 2024
Typography is the most vital element of your branding. ...
Trending Website Themes

Top Trending Website Themes to Boost Your Online Store

By Michael Baker , May 9 2024
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UX/UI Design in Website Development

The Role of UI/UX Design in Website Development

By Michael Baker , May 2 2024
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SaaS Web Designs

7 SaaS Web Design Practices to Create Seamless User Experiences

By Michael Baker , Feb 21 2024
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B2B SaaS Websites

10 Best B2B SaaS Websites Designed for Conversion

By Farah Ahmed , Jan 24 2024
I don’t want to start this with a cliché ...
ecommerce website conversions

How to Leverage AI Tools for E-Commerce Website Conversions

By Michael Baker , Jan 2 2024
When we first hear the word ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ the ...
ecommerce websites

How to Improve Your Ecommerce Website Design with Customer Experience

By Michael Baker , Dec 19 2023
The global pandemic in 2020 hit brick and mortar ...
Shopify UX

Top 10 Shopify UX Components to Explore Today

By Michael Baker , Nov 10 2023
Everyone shops online and, these days, eCommerce is just ...
web design ideas

7 Innovative Web Design Ideas for Branding Tech Startups

By Michael Baker , Oct 31 2023
Websites are one of tech and software companies' most ...
design online stores

12 Ways for Designing Online Stores for High-Conversion

By Michael Baker , Sep 26 2023
The conversion rate is essential to consider if you ...