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Nifty Quotes From Top Web Design And Development YouTubers On UXD

By Aamina Suleman , Aug 20 2018
I’ve entered many beautifully furnished restaurants only to find the customer service a big disgrace. Nonetheless in many parts of the world the focus, today, is more about ...
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The New ZillionDesigns Is Finally Here

By Aamina Suleman , Aug 7 2018
Waited long enough? Well, great designs take time to execute. We planned this a while back and [fingers crossed] hope you love the way we look now. Our ...
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List Of 20 Female UI And UX Designers From All Over The World

By Raquel Addams , Jul 30 2018
If you have a knack for designing, digital or print whatever it may be, UI and UX designing roles might just be the job for you. When we ...
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Handy Resources To Learn The ABC Of Web Design

By Raquel Addams , Jul 20 2018
Web design is one of those skills where an expert would be best. However, it is also a skill that we can teach ourselves with the right tools ...
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7 Disruptive Website Design Technologies

By Raquel Addams , Apr 14 2015
In a trend akin to a nuclear explosion’s mushroom cloud which envelopes the globe, the use of mobile, hand-held devices has permeated the planet seemingly overnight, as an ...
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12 Hot WordPress Themes to Spark up Your Corporate Website

By Janil Jean , Dec 1 2014
When it comes to choosing a WordPress theme for a corporate website you want it to be attention grabbing; responsive; flat; easy to integrate; has e-commerce option; and ...
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Parallax Design – Trendy or Tired?

By Kathleen Burns , Oct 6 2014
Can you call something from the 1980s a “latest trend”? Despite the fact that the design world has rediscovered the parallax technique, to video game developers, you're behind ...
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10 WordPress Web Designers Bringing It On!

By Janil Jean , Sep 29 2014
A website is a crucial part of any brand’s promotion and marketing strategy. No brand can expect to leave a great impression on its stakeholders and customers without ...
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Web Design Tips for the Continuing Education Industry

By Kathleen Burns , May 20 2014
You have developed a program or several programs for continuing education, professional development, and lifelong learning, and while there are many options out there, you are certain you ...
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5 Typographic Elements that Tickle Your Web Design Funny

By Kathleen Burns , Mar 19 2014
Typographic elements are one of the single-most overlooked features of any web design online. Designers usually undermine the influence of typographic elements. Sure they take placement, color, style ...
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