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Fun Font Facts: Gothic

By Kathleen Burns , Jun 25 2015
Are you a lover of video games like Grand Theft Auto, BioShock, and Call of Duty? You would be surprised to learn that Gothic font used in these ...
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Choose Your Visual Design Career

By Kathleen Burns , Mar 31 2015
“Within every picture is a hidden language that conveys a message, whether it is intended or not. This language is based on the ways people perceive and process ...
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Brand Design Tips To Make Your Customers Swoon

By Kathleen Burns , Feb 10 2015
Your brand’s identity can be decorated much like your home - it can represent the seasons, the holidays, and other seasonal celebrations that your company and your customers ...
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Source Files Rejected? Check Your Color Settings

By Kathleen Burns , Feb 6 2015
Congratulations on winning one of our design contests! First, you’ll need to submit your final design correctly and according to the contest guidelines. If the files are not ...
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10 Cursive Fonts to Add a Seductive Tone to Your Designs

By Kathleen Burns , Feb 3 2015
The original purpose of cursive writing was to create a writing style that had a joined, flowing script to create a smoother and faster way to write. While the ...
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10 Quotes to Inspire Graphic Designers in 2015

By Kathleen Burns , Jan 7 2015
Working in a career that asks you to consistently be creative is a difficult task that designers struggle with all the time. Some months produce a river of ideas ...
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