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derivative logos

The Difference Between Overused And Derivative Logos

By Sana Khan , Aug 30 2012
Given the very nature of my job, I go ...
Choosing the Right Font

The Tricks to Choosing the Right Font

By Sana Khan , Aug 22 2012
One question leaves even the most experienced designers puzzled, ...
simple logos

The Art of “Keeping It Simple”

By Sana Khan , Aug 6 2012
The “Keep it simple, stupid!” (KISS) approach can be ...
social media promotion

Social Media Tips to Effectively Promote Yourself as a Designer

By Sana Khan , Aug 1 2012
If you thought that becoming a graphic designer was ...
creative block

How Designers Can Deal With a Creative Block

By Sana Khan , Jul 2 2012
Creative Block is known to render one useless. It's ...
Independence Day With Logos

Celebrating Independence Day With Logos!

By Sana Khan , Jun 29 2012
July 4th is a special holiday in the US, ...