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How to Find Your Motivation

By Sana Khan , Nov 4 2012
Graphic design can be hectic and grueling, particularly for ...
orange web designs

Color Inspirations: Orange Web Designs

By Sana Khan , Nov 1 2012
Orange is a playful color that can grab instant ...
Apps for Android

The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

By Sana Khan , Oct 30 2012
Editing is an important part of a designer’s daily ...
Logo Designers

10 Commandments for New Logo Designers

By Sana Khan , Oct 24 2012
Every profession has its own set of rules and ...
Yellow Web Designs

Color Inspirations: Yellow Web Designs

By Sana Khan , Oct 19 2012
Yellow is a warm and happy color. It invokes ...
Red Color Web Design Inspirations

Color Inspirations: Red Web Designs

By Sana Khan , Oct 5 2012
To help designers understand the impact of color in ...