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Generating Logo....

Generating Logo....

Free AI Logo Maker

Bring your brand vision to life with unique logos generated by artificial intelligence. Get started
by answering a few questions to let our AI know what kind of logo you want to create.

AI Logo Maker

The Perfect AI Logo Creator for Your Business

For your brand image, you need the perfect AI logo maker to create a stunning design. Try our online logo tool powered by ChatGPT and create business logos that are as unique as your brand. Creating a logo with AI is like speaking to your human logo designer. Just answer the questions and get tons of custom logo design ideas.


Prompt the AI Logo Maker

To get started, write a prompt with your business name, describe your service/product, and type of visuals you want to see. For example: “My business name is Studio Spark which offers photography services in Santa Monica. Create a logo with stars and camera in blue and gold colors.” In just a few seconds see your logo idea come to life!


Fine Tune Your Logo Design

All logo designs generated by our AI logo generator can be fine-tuned by modifying the prompt with a different “description” of the logo image. Have fun while trying a variety of prompts to change your design style, business name, colors, fonts, etc. The tool will regenerate variations after variations based on your different inputs.


Download Your Logo Image

With ZillionDesign’s AI logo maker you can make stunning logo images and download on the spot in high resolution PNG format. You can start branding your social media, website, etc. as soon as you download your logo. You own the downloaded logo design unless you require an editable vector image. Contact us for details about this.

Check Out These Beautiful Logos Made by
Our AI Free Logo Creator

Free AI Logo Generator Works Like a
Personal Logo Designer

Uniquely Created

When your prompt is unique, your created logos would naturally be unique too. The AI logo generator makes beautiful logos just for you, and they are not available anywhere else.

Royalty Free

With Zillion Designs’ logo generator powered by AI, you don’t have to worry about licensing to get a logo. Since all logo designs are unique to your prompt, they are royalty-free, yours to own.

Vectorize Your

If you love your logo, you can get the logo vector files from our human logo designer. They will recreate the logo for a small price— .eps, pdf, .ai vector files of your logo for a nominal amount.


Experience our friendly support team who enjoys helping customers meet their needs, and achieve their branding goals. Let us guide you on how to effectively use our AI free logo maker!

Just Add a Prompt to Get Started with ZillionDesigns’ AI Logo Maker

Why an AI Logo Maker Powered by ChatGPT
is the Best Choice

Looking for a quirky logo design? An illustration of your brand ? Or an iconic logo to match your startup identity? Our free logo maker powered ChatGPT can do that because it understands individual needs. For business owners searching for unique logos that reflect their business mission and vision, ZillionDesigns’ AI logo generator is the best choice. Here are some more compelling reasons:

Render Logos as You Go

Whether you need only a couple of renders to get the perfect brand logo, or you want to get tons of logo concepts before making the final choice, you are in control of how many designs you want to generate from our AI logo creator tool.

Simple to Use AI Logo Creator

You don’t need to be a genius or have graphic design skills to create logos with our free AI logo maker. Just ask and let our AI do the logo designing for you. From selecting the design, to the fonts and colors, you just have to give the prompt!

Custom Logo Designer Help

Love your logo design and want it to be yours forever for trademark and copyrights? You can fine tune your logo by hiring a professional graphic designer to customize it and get the editable vector files by paying only a small amount.

Interested in Custom Logo Designs?