Top 10 Logo Trends for 2023 To Watch Out For

By Raquel Addams , Oct 4 2022
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In the past few years, we have seen many trends in logo designs. Some are quite memorable and timeless such as minimalism and others tend to change quickly. While experts say that designers should avoid following trends, it is a good idea to keep up with them and follow the latest ones. This can make it easier for people in the industry to create logos that are relevant and require minimal upgrades over time.

Take the example of Nike’s swoosh here. The graphic designer created it in 1971 and the symbol has remained the same since the beginning. One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of the icon is its minimalism. People can easily associate it with the brand and get a clear idea of what they can get. Similarly, there are many other logo designs that appear trendy and memorable as well.

Now, it can be slightly tricky to keep up with all the changing trends every year. Its important for you to know about the latest ones so you can find inspiration easily and incorporate a few elements in the design.

Let’s discuss some of the top trends for 2023 that you should watch out for now.

1. Icons in Lettermarks

This is one of the biggest trends that is expected to dominate in the next year. Many businesses prefer to keep their brand logos minimalistic and versatile. Abstract or meaningful icons can help send out the right message with fewer elements. Its why they are becoming very popular in logo design. Companies in IT, marketing, communication and health and fitness are just some of those choosing icons to represent their brands. Its easier to make an impact with a simple icon and get people thinking as well.

Similarly, lettermarks are also likely to trend in 2023 again as more and more businesses adopt modern logos. With simple initials that are merged with symbols, you can draw attention to the name and engage a wider audience successfully. They can be used across social media platforms, as a favicon and on stationery and business cards too. You can include a wordmark with it to create familiarity in the beginning. Later on, if you want, the brand name may also be dropped from the logo.

The icons in lettermarks both can be used on their own for branding and promotion. Pinterest is one example where the brand has slowly changed their logo from a wordmark in script to a symbol that features the letter ‘P’. In the coming year, you will see this becoming a popular trend in logo design.

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2. Glitch Effect

When it comes to creating memorable brand symbols in the future, this is another trend that you need to follow closely. You may already have seen it in TikTok’s logo. As the app has gained a global audience, its icon has also generated a lot of interest for the unique effect and color scheme. The glitch adds to the appeal of the design and makes the logo appear futuristic. In 2023, you might see businesses or brands creating a similar effect to grab the attention of younger consumers.

For an ecommerce app or a website, this can work very well. You can add the glitch effect to an icon, lettermark, pictorial or the wordmark. It is likely that this trend might continue after next year as well. With appealing colors, brands can draw attention to the design and stand out in their industry too. People may also recognize the logo immediately and think of the brand positively. Companies in entertainment, music or advertising can opt for glitch logos to reach out to their target audience.

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3. Gradients

Now, you may already have come across quite a few logos that follow or have been inspired by this trend. Designers and business owners are choosing color gradients to express creativity and make a lasting impact on the viewers. Both Instagram and Adobe Creative Cloud have attracted a lot of attention for the use of gradients in their logos. The colors can engage people across print and digital mediums, and stand out against any background as well.

If you think about it, this trend is expected to become more popular in the coming year. Businesses in retail, software development and cloud computing can incorporate hues or gradients that reflect what they have to offer. Its a good idea to draw focus to the brand message as well. Otherwise, people might get confused about the industry or expertise.

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4. Typography with a Twist

This is another trend that is likely to stay popular through the next year. Objects, lines or waves in typography might be widely seen in word marks and lettermarks across various industries. This creativity can also make the logo appear modern and timeless. Brands in fashion, media, and technology are choosing typography-based designs to communicate their values to the audience. Such logos are also great for creating awareness and recognition in the beginning.

People will be likely to remember the company name in creative text styles. With a monochrome or two-color palette, the wordmark or initials could stay in memory for a long time. It is one trend that might be dominant in graphic design for years. Brands can opt for San Serif font styles to create a minimalist logo or customize the typeface as well.

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5. Geometric Patterns

In 2023, you should watch out for different geometric patterns in logo designs. They can be added with a symbol, initials or brand name to influence the perception of a brand. Hard shapes such as triangle, square or rhombus can be merged with line art or stripes to create a pattern that appeals to the audience. You might see this in the logos of HSBC, Mitsubishi and Adobe. The geometric shapes and patterns have been used to make a strong impact on the viewer and bring out feelings of trust and reliability.

This trend is going to become more popular in the future as well. The shapes can be used creatively with text or merged with negative space or icons to create an attractive brand symbol. Companies in tech, finance, sports or health care can include geometric patterns in their logos to tell a story or send a meaningful message.

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6. Muted Colors

Color palettes that are inspired by nature and neutrals will be seen more commonly in the coming year. You might find muted colors in the logos of skincare and organic food brands. This is mainly because such hues or tones can reflect the niche closely and have a calming effect too. In 2023, people expect to see such colors being used by businesses in wellness, healthcare, retail and travel as well. By choosing natural and subtle colors such as pale blue or green, light brown, and pale pink, you can create an appealing logo that requires minimal changes over the years.

Muted colors can also make the website, social media grids for Instagram and print materials such as flyers or brochures stand out to the audience. Since they do not overwhelm the viewer, people might be convinced to look for more information and check out the products or services. Such palettes can work well with any logo design and make it appear sophisticated and elegant.

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7. Movement or Speed

If you think about it, adding a dynamic movement to a logo or motion lines can instantly uplift the design. It’s why this trend is expected to dominate the industry in 2023. Take the example of the logo for Wise, which is a popular money-transfer application. It has a small flag with a wordmark that creates the impression of a movement. This shows how the brand is moving forward and in the right direction. This is a great way to highlight the core values of a business and connect with a wider audience.

Such logo designs can work very well in different industries or sectors. For instance, you can include dynamic movements to financial, media and musical symbols or even merge motion lines with text-based logos. The icon can be used for the app, website or on merchandise such as t-shirts and mugs. Movement in brand designs is going to become a popular trend and you might see a lot more logos with these elements.

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8. Disappearing Objects or Text

This is something that will catch on in the future. The disappearing effect can make people notice the logo instantly and think about it later on too. It can be added to shapes, icons or lines and parts of the text in the company name. You can make a lasting impact with a simple brand design by including this effect. It could certainly generate interest among the consumers and make your logo unique as well.

In 2023, brands are likely to draw focus to their icons or symbols with a disappearing effect. You can also animate the design later on or create a GIF for your social media accounts. Fading text or objects add to the appeal of logos in tech, computing, gaming and entertainment too.

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9. Retro Imagery

While minimalist and modern logos are expected to trend in the industry, you also have to consider retro designs or illustrations. These might not be going anywhere in the coming years. Many brands prefer elaborate logos to impact the audience and bring out feelings of nostalgia or comfort. Retro and vintage imagery can be great for brands in the food or restaurant industry, construction, farming and manufacturing.

The trend is likely to stay relevant as consumers connect with such elements closely. Retro imagery in logos can grab their attention on products, in a store or on digital platforms as well. People might remember and recall the design quickly later on. It’s also easier to tell the brand story and create a positive perception in the minds of the audience.

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10. Simple Design

In the end, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that simplicity is the best. You may have heard the phrase ‘less is more’ in design and that will continue to stay dominant for a long time. A simple logo that instantly conveys its message can be highly effective for engaging potential customers. Sometimes, people do not want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what a brand is trying to say or mean. Apple, Coca-Cola and Target are just a few examples of brands that tell people what to expect with a simple logo design.

You can take inspiration from such symbols and opt for minimal elements to highlight your expertise and message.

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Wrapping Up

These are some of the top logo trends for 2023 to watch out for. If you are looking to launch a business in the next few months, then get started on your design right now. Launch a logo design contest to pick a winning symbol for your startup or company. You will be able to find a trendy icon to create recognition and awareness in a short time.

Logo Design Trends for 2023

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