10 Ways To Help Millennials Plan Their Trip

By Mehreen Siddiqua , May 6 2016

Millennials are shaped by technology, raised in crisis, enjoy unique ways of self-expression and are unwilling to compromise personal life to the extent that their previous generations did for their jobs. They are tech-savvy, good at multi-tasking, optimistic and advocate diversity. One of their most profound interests revolve around traveling and exploring new cultures and cuisines. In short they like traveling for the experience.

According to a study conducted from a group of millennials from 134 different countries, it was identified that 88 percent of them traveled overseas between one and three times a year. While 94 percent of them were from the age group of 18-30. Now 30 percent of these people travelled solo. All these interesting findings point out to the fact that this generation is no longer seeking party-animal atmosphere when traveling, and instead wants to fully immerse themselves into new cultures, and feast on local cuisine.

However, the studies around millennial consumer behavior are fairly limited. Though the subject is getting noticed and more researchers are now actively working on studying and predicting how they will shape and influence the travel and tourism industry. We have already witnessed the generation Y getting attracted to the Airbnb model of lodging. Interestingly there are more emerging business on travel and tourism that will take the industry by storm. The most important thing for these upcoming ventures and existing businesses to understand the type of experiences millennials are looking for and how that connect with their personality. Only then, they will be able to cater to their needs in a customized way.

What Type Of Experiences Do Millennials Enjoy?

Millennials are more interested in doing cool things than having cool things. Experiences matter the most to them rather than collecting valuable items. Which explains why they like to travel so much and not just to exotic destinations. The top three types of experience that the millennials would always enjoy are:

While learning new languages and connecting with people from different places might serve as a challenge, trekking or mountain climbing or advance sports are the types of activities they would want to try. Besides that, a good number of people like to travel solo which means they want to relax and spend some time with themselves.

Now that you know what millennials are like, how would you guide them to plan their next trip? Check out the slide deck to find out.

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