Real Estate Business Promotion Ideas For Brand Harmony

By Mehreen Siddiqua , Apr 27 2016

In no way, your brand is what you think you are, it is what customer thinks you are. Moving along those lines, brand impression is something formed by the customer and owned by the customer. It doesn’t really matter how strong the promotions are, or for that matter how fabulous the product or service is. The customer will make a decision based on his/her perception about the product. A collection of all the experiences that you have about a brand contribute to brand impressions.

When you create marketing campaigns to attract clients for real estate business, as a realtor you are attempting to create impressions. The customers on the other hand, will have rich, complex, multi-faceted thoughts about your service. All you need to do is add a little bit of emotional capital besides time and money to take customer’s journey from brand dissonance to brand harmony.

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What is brand harmony?

The way different product/service related experiences blend to create a rich, interesting harmony in mind of the customer is brand harmony. Now the agents that create brand harmony in your mind often include but are not limited to ads, brochures, interactions with sales people, experiences of using the product or availing the service, and all the other encounters with brand messages blend to form a rich, compelling story. Consistency is the key here. The marketing should speak of the brand story across the board so the buyer is not confused at any stage.

Brand Harmony

Why brand harmony is needed in real estate business?

Real estate is purely a service-oriented sector. It revolves around grooming of the realtors. They can bring notable value to the brand with effective communication that also involves emotional quotient. If different experiences about a real estate agency blend well together, it will create strong harmony and the customer will have a solid impression about the brand. Conversely, if the experiences from customers are disjointed, unrelated or conflicting, the customer is likely to have dissonance with the brand. Integrating Generative AI in real estate strategies can further enhance this harmony, offering clients customized experiences and insights, and thereby solidifying their positive impression of the brand.

Furthermore, brand harmony acknowledges that it’s getting impossible for real estate agents to beat messages into their customer’s head. Check out this slide deck to see how realtors can professionally create brand harmony.

Note that we are not developing strategies to lure customers. They will come to you when they have to sell their property or invest in a new project. All you have to do is remain accessible. The first step begins with appropriate branding. This involves creating a logo design that has high recall in the midst of redundant corporate identity. Check out inspirations for real estate logos to get started.

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