Top 25 Designer Portfolios to Follow in 2014

By Janil Jean , Jan 24 2014
Designer Portfolios

Featured Image: Unsplash/UI8

Appreciation and admiration can bring a drastic change in a person’s life. If you get appreciated for your work every now and then you will undoubtedly thrive towards excellence and perfection which could be a major cause of great transformation. If you want your work to be seen and admired by a large audience, there is no other popular way than sharing them online on popular platforms such as Deviant Art, Dribbble or Coroflot.

Designers who feel laid back for not outreaching the clients can now have a gala time by sharing their latest and most favorite designs and illustrations through their online portfolios. You can even use your digital portfolio for job interviews which could be your first step towards success. So, create your online library which will showcase your aesthetic sense, approach to become a successful designer, hidden talent and great potential. Let us guide you to the right path! Here are top 25 designer portfolios on most popular design platforms to follow in 2014:

Deviant Art

Deviant Art is among the top 5 online portfolio host websites having user-friendly interface and no coding issues. Designers can easily create an account to display their artwork and in turn get thousands of likes which makes them prominent in the eyes of employers, design schools and other potential clients.

1. Adam Koniuszewski’s
Adam Koniuszewski’s work is related to design and interface and his expertise are also commendable in regard to print and branding marketing collateral.
Adam Koniuszewski's : Designer Portfolio

2. Kristaps
Kristaps Reinfelds is a versatile graphic artist with a passion for digital drawings. His profile showcases some remarkable samples interface design, flash and illustrations.
Kristaps: Designer Portfolio

3. Miroslav Kirilov
Miroslav Kirilov is a Bulgarian designer. His illustrations speak and show his love towards gaming and intuitive web design.
Miroslav Kirilov: Designer Portfolio

4. Laszlo Kiraly
Laszlo Kiraly designs web interfaces following the latest trends. He has been offering clean design with unique features without asking a huge amount of money.
Laszlo Kiraly: Designer Portfolio

5. Tom – aiircool
As the name speaks, Tom’s designs are fresh and receive a good average of daily reviews.
Tom aiircool: Designer Portfolio


Behance provides a chance to freelance designers and employers to connect to each other. Every month apparent increase is seen in the number of designers’ profiles. It offers free account with amazing tools like font customizer, social media sharing, drag-and-drop editor, Google Analytics and an access to other digital galleries.

1. Boy Bastiaens
Boy Bastiaens knows the art of creating identities, be it product design, illustration, retail design, interactive media or packaging.
Boy Bastiaens: Designer Portfolio

2. Benjamin Kalic – Nexion
Nexion is not far behind in the race of creativity which has been going on for years now and will projected to increase in the years to come.
Nexion: Designer Portfolio

3. Toon Creffield
Among all the logo designers who have been serving people and companies online, Toon Creffield is a renowned name.
Toon Creffield: Designer Portfolio

4. Simon Morris Associates
Simon Morris Associates offer museum exhibition design, graphic design, and logo design and exhibition services.
Simon Morris Associates: Designer Portfolio

5. Shane Murphy
Shane Murphy is a resident of UK who likes to connect with professional through the vast world of Internet.
Shane Murphy: Designer Portfolio


Coroflot is a commendable effort made by designers to show their creativity to the world. Amateur and professional designers can interact with each other and learn new designing techniques which give them exposure without paying a single penny. Sharing projects, getting job alerts and receiving project-upload notifications are some of the interesting features of Coroflot.

1. Yael Miller
If you are looking for brand identity development and packaging design specialist then look no further because Yael Miller is an specialist.
Yael Miller: Designer Portfolio

2. Ivan Blagoev
Ivan’s work samples of logo and branding, drawings and ad campaigns have attracted many designers and employers.
Ivan Blagoev: Designer Portfolio

3. Olivia Blechschmidt
Olivia knows what people like to see when it comes to industrial design, packaging, environmental graphics, and web and interaction.
Olivia Blechschmidt: Designer Portfolio

4. Brian Moy
Layline, Stamp n Scrape and DAC are the work samples Brian has shared with everyone online. He is an industrial designer who likes to resolves problems and could see the technical aspect.
Brian Moy: Designer Portfolio

5. Lacey Murray
During 6 years duration Lacey has worked hard to polish her innate creative skills. She excels in image manipulation, marketing, branding and photography.
Lacey Murray: Designer Portfolio


By only sharing small screen shots on Dribbble designers can get work offers they have waited all their lives. It is a huge community for designers to get engaged in a never-ending creative process. Getting registered on Dribbble is simple, so hurry up and explore it right away!

1. Mike | Creative Mints
People looking for eye candy solutions for websites as well as mobile applications can visit Mike’s profile.
Creative Mints (Mike): Designer Portfolio

2. Morgan Allan Knutson
Based in San Francisco, Morgan is currently working on Dropbox project. He promises innovative designs and the opportunity to get the best when it comes to creating a unique brand.
Morgan Allan Knutson: Designer Portfolio

3. Gert van Duinen
Gert van Duinen, Founder of Cresk, specializes in brand mark, identity design and iconography. People who do not settle for anything less than perfection can contact this amazing logo designer anytime.
Gert van Duinen: Designer Portfolio

4. Dustin Wallace
Dustin Wallace is the owner of Wallace Design House, located in Frisco, TX. His unique contributions on Dribbble make him standout out of the crowd when it comes to distinct design solutions.
Dustin Wallace: Designer Portfolio

5. Emir Ayouni
Emir Ayouni is a visual creative. With over 12 year worth experience, Emir has developed a unique style that features simple designs with a composite touch, translating complex ideas into simple designs.
Emir Ayouni: Designer Portfolio


Carbonmade offers paid and free project uploading facility to designers around the globe. Designers with more than 5 projects and 35 photos, flash projects and videos have to pay for their projects while those having lesser projects can avail this opportunity for free.

1. Kevin Weagle
Kevin Weagle’s unique edge lies in bringing emotional and rational together to deliver meaningful designs and concepts, be it design, art direction, presentation or photography.
Kevin Weagle: Designer Portfolio

2. Silvia Grossman
Silvia likes taking challenges and put all her effort to create unique designs. She specializes in art direction, illustration, video editing and motion graphics.
Silvia Grossman: Designer Portfolio

3. Maisie Gliddon
Maisie is a versatile designer of marketing collateral. Her portfolio of work has grown to include a range of disciplines in marketing, social media and branding.
Maisie Gliddon: Designer Portfolio

4. Michal Duszczyk
From website design to brand identity, print design and flash animations – Michal specializes in all things graphics. His portfolio has a lot to offer for businesses /individuals seeking help on design projects.
Michal Duszczyk: Designer Portfolio

5. Paul Castle
Located in Aberdeen, Scotland, Paul brings a unique blend of concept and abstract design expertise to create instinctive corporate logos, web pages and illustrations.
Paul Castle: Designer Portfolio

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