#DesignerSpotlight Michael Bierut: Secrets To Designing A Winning Logo

By Aamina Suleman , Jan 28 2016
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What is graphic design? The best possible way to understand this practice is with the wisdom of experienced designers who haven’t only learned graphic design but have lived it. One such person is Michael Bierut. Let’s know him, his journey and what can we learn about graphic design from him.

Bierut is an influencer that many amateur and professional designers look up to. Because sometimes it’s easy to distinguish those who are absolutely passionate about design. How? That’s all they look at, talk about and share.

Connect with Bierut: @michaelbierut

A Bit About Bierut

“I love graphic design. I’ve been a glutton for this sort of stuff”, says Bierut in an interview with Eye Magazine. One day his father pointed out a logo to him on a forklift. The company’s logo design smartly covers the idea of what this machine does. Since then he’s been inspired by such designs.


During the 1970s, design wasn’t considered a preferred option for youngsters in Ohio. Despite this limitation Bierut sustained his love for music, art and design. As he grew up, his fondness for graphic design multiplied. He studied design from University of Cincinnati, and later worked at Vignelli Associates for a decade before he became partner at what today is one of the leading design firms, Pentagram.

Bierut has made identities for MIT Media Lab, Wildlife Conservative Society, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, Microsoft Windows 8, and Saks Fifth Avenue etc. He has used icons, symbols and typography in his designs. Such diversity only certifies his exceptional skill and knowledge in graphic design.

So what’s graphic design?

It helps make brand identities – at least this is what I understand from the type of projects Bierut has mostly worked on as a graphic designer. Obviously, in order to make an identity – a logo is not all that does the job. Nevertheless, a logo is an aspect of your identity that’s “a starting point” and “realizing that that’s the real work of branding is the most important thing to know about.”

In his book How To, he illustrates his graphic design philosophy through thirty-five projects. He has expressed how it helps in explaining things, and selling them. With a combination of sketches, rejected stuff and final designs, Bierut takes the reader on a journey into the creative and systematic process of graphic design.

michael bierut how to book cover

All in all, graphic design is a process that converts a company or product into a full-fledged brand. It makes an idea into something you can see, hear or touch. And, all this starts with a logo – I repeat. So, learn to make a winning logo design from Michael Bierut.

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