Unsatisfying Moments All Graphic Designers Go Through!

By Aamina Suleman , Jan 22 2018
unsatisfying moments

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Have you been through these situations? Times when designers see pop-up windows with messages as annoying or rather devastating as a bad fortune cookie. For now, I’ll just assume you’ve been tethered by these problems on a design software one point in time – oh yes, the errors that nearly take your breath away every time they strike. In case you’re a newbie or you’ve erased these unsatisfying moments from your memory, here is a recap. Let’s see how many can you relate to and whether or not your reaction is the same as mentioned in this video.

Unsatisfying Moments

The internet has been stormed by videos about both satisfying and unsatisfying moments that can either give you a relief or shudder you. Confession – I’ve binge watched these videos and they’re pretty accurate at what they say the visuals will make the viewer feel. There have been times when I felt satisfied with that buttercream swirl on the dome-shaped cake; and there have been times when I wanted to teleport myself into the video so I could save the spoon from falling into the bowl full of soup.

So I thought…

What will be the most cringe-worthy moments for graphic designers? For one, there are the maddening conversations with clients but then there are all the different problems designers face while doing projects, and this video highlights some.

Of course, these are just a few problems that in fact also bugged me while I did a graphic design course at a local institute. I am sure there must be more, depending on the type of design software you use. Each is unique with its own set of advantages and challenges. Nevertheless, it is still better to have a program that does many things automatically instead of struggling with the laborious tools of graphic design.

In case you noticed, the font isn’t Comic Sans if you felt like trolling us on that one. It is actually Comic Neue Angular … yes it does have the word “comic” in it. But what’s an unsatisfying video for a designer with the right font?

Have a wonderful 2018 creatives.

If you know of more unsatisfying moments, do share them!

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