12 Creative Online Tools to Create Illustrations and Infographics

By Sarah Irgang , Jan 3 2014
Online Tools to Create Illustration

Featured Image: Unplash/Bram Naus

When you search for information online, what captures your attention more easily: plain text or data represented by images?  The answer reportedly favors the latter. Research shows that images are processed more quickly by the brain, memorized with greater ease, and shared more extensively than written discourse.

There was a time when even graphic designers didn’t know about such informative images, or infographics. But, within a period of five years, amateurs and professionals became equally fascinated with the idea.

Half a decade later, infographics have successfully communicated hard to remember facts to the masses.  After all, what is not to like about them?  They reduce the complexity of long texts by summarizing them in small chunks of data, focusing only on the most important aspects of the targeted subject. The illustrations are lively and colorful with lots of icons, figures, tables, tiny pictures, etc.

Thanks to the internet, there are opportunities for work from all over the world, and designers from Indonesia to New York are working hard to keep up.

The creation process is rather easy with the help of the free infographic design tools now available.  From the use of whiteboards and paper drawings, the world has naturally transitioned into these online visualizations to communicate new concepts and products. Even though professional designers prefer using tools like Adobe Photoshop or illustrator, there are more convenient ways to produce an excellent infographic without having any design skills. Have a look at some of the graphic maker tools we found online for you:

Infographic tool #1: Easelly Select from a range of visualizations of varying levels; i.e. from ordinary to experimental.

Infographic tool #2: Visualize.Me This is more of an Infographic resume generator. Use this to visualize your personal and professional accomplishments in a captivating way.

Infographic tool #3: iCharts This tool is perfect for creating and sharing all sorts of data with charts that are catchy and interactive.

Infographic tool #4: Canva One of my favorites, Canva’s unique features are interactive, simple, and mobile-friendly.

Infographic tool #5: Infogr.am It offers no themes, there are 11 options to choose from for data visualization, some of which are pretty unique and only available in this new version.

Infographic tool #6: Visme Get creative with your Infographics. Bring your web history to life with this free digital timeline website.

Infographic tool #7: Mind The Graph A wonderful website to create high-resolution scientific infographics with detailed illustrations.

Infographic tool #8: Google Developers  Connect your data with real time and customize your Infographics with a huge variety of charts and other options.

Infographic tool #9: Tableau This free tool is not web-based so you can simply download the software.

Infographic tool #10: Venngage This amazing online Infographic tool creates and publishes Infographics, and increases and tracks engagement.

Infographic tool #11: Piktochart Quickly drag-and-drop, select visualizations; choose fonts, color schemes, etc. and export the Infographics as html or static to be embedded on a website.

Infographic tool #12: Visual.ly Visual.ly offers amazing Infographic visualization within seconds. Moreover, you can check out other people’s infographics and favorite them.

Know of any other good infographics tools?  Tell us in the comments below, or tweet us @ZillionDesigns!

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