30 Font Resources for Digital and Print Typography

By Sarah Irgang , Dec 26 2013
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Font resources are essential for every logo designer, publisher, website maker, etc. A number of professionals work with typography and are constantly on a lookout for better options. There are hundreds of typefaces inspired from various sources and eras. There is also an extensive range of specialized fonts which is available free of cost on the internet.

In this digital age of quick interaction and real time newsfeeds, content plays a vital role in making your product or services stand out among many others. But, what can you do to make that content attention grabbing for the viewers on a universal level? Even the most average of texts can be made worth reading by using exotic diction and stylish fonts. Visual appearance plays a greater role in bringing you followers than most other strategies.

For certain categories, there are specialized fonts. The most common ones we’ll showcase right here:

Fonts for Business cards

Fonts for business cards

Corporate fonts need special care as they would represent you professionally at various places. Try the following fonts for your business cards to grab attention of your clients without being gaudy about it.

Fonts for Websites

Fonts for websites

Website can use a variety of fonts to enhance the beauty of their content. From modern to retrograde, almost everything works if you keep it simple and relevant.

Fonts for Magazines

Fonts for magazines

Magazine fonts don’t need to be too formal, especially if it’s a fashion magazine. However, for business or political ones, it’s best to stick to something closer to Cronos Pro.

Fonts for Text Books

Fonts for text books

Academic books need to be interesting in content, but the fonts should stay formal and clean.

Fonts for Brochures

Fonts for brochures

Funky colors, textured paper, colorful backgrounds; all these make brochures rather fun to create. You can’t put off your readers by using dull fonts in it.

Fonts for Billboards

Fonts for billboards

Billboards are huge. They need to capture the audience attention from a far. Therefore it’s best to use bold, elongated, or funky fonts for them.

Fonts for Digital Signage

Font for digital signage

Billboards are huge. They need to capture the audience attention from a far. Therefore it’s best to use bold, elongated, or funky fonts for them.

Fonts for Print Advertisement

Fonts for print advertisement

A typical print ad stays slightly formal when it comes to appearance. But you are free to create something out of the box and experiment with typography.

Fonts for Reports/Proposals

Fonts for reports

Reports are rather formal. Use a font that is clean, bold, and easy to read for everyone.

Fonts for Logos

Fonts for logos

Logos are fun. You can experiment with a huge range. Almost any font can be used in relevance to brand’s overall image.

Know any other fonts that work well?  Leave your thoughts below, or tweet us @ZillionDesigns!

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