The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

By Sana Khan , Oct 30 2012
Apps for Android

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Editing is an important part of a designer’s daily work. Whether it’s removing text or photos, graphic designers go through the editing process multiple times a day. Thankfully there are numerous applications and software for them to do just that. You can even download applications to your smartphone to edit on the go. Here are the top apps for Android users.

1. Photo Grid

Combine single pictures together and make them into beautiful collages with PhotoGrid. It is an extremely useful and resourceful smartphone app and is very easy to use.

photo grid image editing app

2. Gallery +

At a glance, it’s just another photo and video album manager. However, those who have used it would attest that it’s quite versatile and functions smoothly. Gallery+ provides a 3D image viewing experience. It allows you to manage your photos and videos without any hassle.

photo editing anaroid app

3. Fontroid

As you may have guessed, it’s an app for fonts. Designers can create new handwriting fonts and upload them to be used by others. It’s a very handy app!

anaroid app

4. JustPictures!

If you are looking for photos and images on multiple pages such as Picasa, Flicker and Facebook, take a look at JustPictures! You can use this app to browse all of those platforms from one interface.

android app

5. NASA Images Archive

I’m sure almost every graphic designer is fascinated by outer space. If you are a big NASA fan, like me, get this app right away. You’ll see firsthand images of space. The current archives hold over 60,000 images of outer space. Each picture also includes a brief description.

6. Photo Resizer

Maybe I’m just picky but I can never seem to find a good image resize app for my Smartphone. That’s no longer the case. Image Resizer is a smooth functioning app that not only lets you change the size of images, but you can change the size of basic directory files.

Photo Resizer App

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7 Glow Paint

Neon lights have come to smartphones. By a touch of your finger, you can create images made of neon lights with Glow Paint. There are a number of predesigned templates and background to choose from which you can edit and customize as you see fit.

8. BeFunky Photo Editor

This is for sure one of the most popular editing apps on the web today. You can edit pictures, add multiple frames and also include almost two dozen special effects to them. This will for sure make your images stand out.

9. Camera Effects

I find myself using this app a lot, especially when I have nothing to do. Designers can use this app to turn normal photographs into masterpieces. Camera Effects allows you to share your work online with others on Facebook and other social platforms.

10. Color Pop

This app is great for those who want to experiment with colors. It allows you to pull the original colors in selected areas of your black and white image. Other features includes zoom, saturation, image resizing, color correction and preview.

pop color anaroid app

As you can see there is no shortage of options when it comes to photo editing apps for your Android smartphone. If you have an iPhone, you’re not left out. Apple has its own set of picture editing apps for you. What I like about the whole concept of these apps is that designers no longer have to be chained to working from a computer. Whether you’re on the train heading downtown or sitting in a coffee shop, you can use your smartphone to stay connected with design. As apps get better and better, we’ll continue to see more breathtaking applications being utilized right in the palm of our hands.

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