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By Raquel Addams , Jun 24 2021
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The beauty or cosmetics industry is one of the biggest across the world with an annual revenue of $603 billion in 2021. Over the past year, there was a major shift towards e-commerce with online sales seeing a jump of 44 percent year over year. This also had an impact on the beauty industry with shoppers moving to digital platforms instead of in-store shopping to purchase makeup or skincare products. Given the boost of e-commerce, it looks like the trend will continue into the future as well.

As a startup owner in the beauty industry, you will most likely face tough competition in the digital world. In order to maintain a strong position within the market and attract audiences before your competitors, you need to maintain your beauty brand identity, and come up with a well-designed and informative product catalog.

It helps tell potential buyers about the products that your e-commerce platform lists and highlights all the relevant information such as price, description, brand, ingredients and customer reviews. This way, visitors can easily find what they are looking for and take suitable action.

In order to help set you on the right track, here are a few online product catalog designs that you get inspired from.

Beauty E-commerce Product Catalog Inspirations

– Morphe

The makeup brand that has been marketed as one for the ‘instagram generation’ made waves with its launch in 2008. Since the beginning, Morphe has relied on user-generated content to grow its brand and attract consumers. Currently, its brushes, foundations and eye-shadow palettes are some of the most popular ones among consumers. Morphe famously collaborates with influencers on its products and has marketed a line of different collections through this strategy.

Its e-commerce platform has one of the most well-designed product catalogs that you will find. The featured items include categories such as trending, new launches and best sellers. With a clear call-to-action both new and existing customers can check out easily and save time as well.

If you take a look below, you will realize that the use of colorful images with the ratings featured below is a good way to instantly catch the eye of the visitor. The soft pink used to show the 4.5 to 5 star rating of each product gives consumers a good idea about its popularity before reading the reviews. This is certainly a product catalog design inspiration that could give you some great ideas for your ecommerce beauty web design page.

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– Doe Lashes

This is an eyelash brand that is slowly gaining popularity among beauty experts and consumers. They rely on their e-commerce platform for their branding and make use of their logo, colors and fonts to spread awareness. It has made it easier for people who have become familiar with Doe Lashes products to pick them out anywhere. Their product catalog has a soft, pastel background that changes as you scroll down.

When the cursor is placed on each product, the image changes and shows it in a different setting. If you place it on any of the eyelashes, you can actually see how it looks on real eyes. This helps people make a quick decision without clicking through each product and see which one matches their requirements.

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You can certainly get inspiration for your online product catalog from Doe Lashes and make it easier for your consumers to make a purchase without leaving the website.

– Pat McGrath

The name is recognized globally and known for its high-end quality and exclusivity.Pat McGrath’s beauty products are used by celebrities and people who prefer expensive yet durable cosmetics. The makeup guru’s website is one of the most effective tools for branding that has helped the company reach out to a younger demographic and become more accessible.

It features an attractive product catalog with an animated ticker that informs visitors of the new collection or launches and has a call to action as well. The items are set against a white background which contrast with the dark and edgy layout of the web page. When you click on the lip colors for instance, the image switches to showcase the various shades.

There are engaging visuals and videos that tell consumers exactly what they can get with this brand. With each category featured clearly on the top, you can easily look up items for the eyes or face and even find the current offers. If you tap on a product, there is all the information clearly which gives its description, features, application instructions and reviews.

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– 100% Pure

If you are yet to hear about this brand, well, this is a good time to start. 100% Pure was launched in 2004 and since then has grown slowly.  Its products are popular among consumers for their natural ingredients and cruelty free testing. The company’s e-commerce platform is well-designed and has a list of categories that range from wellness to skincare and makeup.

This is one beauty brand design that has won with its product catalog. It is set against a contrast of white and pastel pink with call-to-actions highlighted in the subtle color. Apart from the feminine look, the items have options such as ‘Notify Me’ for out of stock products. This way, consumers can sign up and the company sends an email once the product is available. It also is a good online venture strategy for the brand to expand their email list.

As a startup, you can benefit from such a strategy as it will help you spread brand awareness and build a loyal customer base as well. 100% Pure has also made an effort to increase consumer confidence with their product catalog. The items which have been recognized by magazines such as Allure or Elle and have been awarded in a ‘best of’ list feature a certification to show that.


– Sephora

It is one of the biggest names in the world of cosmetics and has an e-commerce platform that is designed to give the consumer a similar experience to the store. Sephora has a product catalog that lists their products by best sellers, top rated, essentials and categories such as eyes, lip or cheek. You can click on any items and find all the descriptive information including FAQs. The layout is a bit similar to Amazon’s marketplace in design.

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With the white and black brand colors, the catalog keeps the focus on each product that stands out against the background. Its minimalistic appearance allows consumers or visitors to immediately find the desired item and choose it according to their requirements.

Sephora’s product catalog can make for great inspiration and help you keep the attention on the important information. If you are looking for a minimalistic design, you can certainly follow the direction that Sephora has taken with their e-commerce platform.

– Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s beauty line made headlines when it was launched for its inclusivity and quality.Fenty Beauty has an e-commerce web design platform that sticks to the promise of the brand and shows consumers different shades of each product according to their skin tone. The product catalog features items in a gray setting which goes well with the layout of the website. Those products which have been given a certification are listed along with it on the top as well.

You can find how a product would look against your skin by placing the cursor on the image. It immediately changes to a high quality shade that you can see up close. Sometimes, you can even see them against various skin tones.

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– ColorPop Cosmetics

The makeup brand has established its name in the industry with its high-quality and affordable products. Its e-commerce web page is designed to reach out to the customer base through user-friendly features and easy navigation. ColorPop’s digital presence has been crucial to the expansion of their brand with their website playing a huge role in it.

The product catalog is actually quite organized since the company has a lot of popular items and it can be difficult for people to find the ones they like. You can go through the sections which range from makeup tools to lips and collaborations. From there, visitors can further narrow their search by clicking on specific categories such as highlighter, concealer or primer.

Each product image stays true to the brand and has a setting that comes with that additional ‘pop’ of bright and attractive colors. If you move around, you can even see the finished look on a real model.

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Wrapping Up

These are some of the online product catalog design inspirations that could help your startup make an instant impression in the digital markets. You can feature your logo design and incorporate brand colors, relevant fonts and imagery to achieve success with your branding strategy and ultimately convert leads. With a well-designed product catalog, not only will your web page effectively generate traffic but you could also drive up sales in a short span of time.

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