Top Marketing Design Trends In Media and Entertainment Industry

By Raquel Addams , Jun 24 2022

Over the last few years, marketing trends have changed significantly. If you think about it, graphic design and digital media have played a huge role in this transformation. It is important to stay up to date with the developments in marketing and design as they can are closely associated with each other in this day and age. One of the major industries where such trends promote business growth is entertainment and media. So you might need to pay a lot of attention to the marketing design upgrades in this field.

When it comes to digital media, there are different channels where your audience might be located. Before anything else, businesses should find their target customer and create an effective marketing strategy to engage them. Once you have the attention of your audience, it becomes easier to boost awareness and recognition with visual design.

For the media and entertainment industry, it’s essential to keep up to date with the latest trends and incorporate them into your marketing strategy. Social media and email marketing for instance can help streaming services or movie companies engage with their audience directly. These digital platforms also boost brand awareness among the consumers. With an attractive social media banner or email template, you can easily attract the attention of the viewer and convince them to look for more information. Additionally, you can partner with a SaaS marketing agency to leverage their expertise in reaching a broader audience and optimizing your online presence.

The first thing to focus on is branding through web design, social media platforms, email and print materials. This is where you can reach out to your audience successfully and make a good first impression as well.

Today, marketing trends are shifting towards video and streaming, user-generated content, and virtual and augmented reality. By leveraging digital mediums, you can easily include them in your strategy and follow popular ones too.

Here are the top marketing design trends in the media and entertainment industry that you should know.

– Interactive and User-Friendly Applications

This is one trend that has quickly become popular in a short time. Businesses in music production, advertising, gaming, film, and television promotion, streaming or broadcasting, need to engage their audience via interactive apps. Many platforms today have managed to increase brand awareness among the audience with user-friendly applications for streaming videos, sharing media or playing games.

Netflix, Paramount, Hulu and Google Play Games are just some examples from the industry. With interactive apps, the companies keep their audience interested for a long time and attract a younger demographic of consumers as well.

– Email Campaigns

It is another important marketing design factor that can help your business or startup grow. Emails play a huge role in the promotion and can drive up subscriptions and traffic to the websites. You can create personalized templates that highlight elements of your brand identity such as the logo, brand colors and fonts. This way, it becomes easier to generate interest among the target audience and encourage them to consider your entertainment or media services. To make sure your email domain is well-secured run a DMARC report analyzer before starting your campaign.

With opt-in or contact forms, you can build an email list to run successful campaigns. It is a good idea to send updates to subscribers about the launch of a new show or gaming event, or invite them to try out new features on the platform.

– Dynamic Websites

This is an interesting trend that can make it easier for you to provide a great user experience. Dynamic websites personalize the content according to the visitor’s device, settings and location as well. So what they see can change according to their interaction with the web pages. Netflix is one example of a dynamic website where users get content that matches their interests and activity.

In entertainment and media, there are quite a few companies that engage potential subscribers with such targeted content. Even Youtube can be considered a dynamic application and web platform. By creating a website that keeps the focus on visitors, you can effectively market your services or channel to consumers.

– Branded Video Marketing

It is quickly becoming a dominant trend in every industry. In the past two years, there has been an increase in people watching video content. This has provided businesses with a lot of opportunities to create brand recognition with short and long videos. Today, social media platforms and video production tools have simplified the process as well. You can easily reach out to your followers with engaging posts that reflect your tone of voice and show what you have to offer.

For branded videos, you can collaborate with influencers or bloggers in your industry. Many gaming companies partner up with celebrities or influencers with a large following to promote the launch of a new game or announce their next one.

– Curated Posts on Social Media

This popular marketing design trend can help businesses get a larger following. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are incredibly important for promoting visual and video content. You can leverage such networks to create a strong brand identity in the digital world and make a positive first impression on the audience as well.

If you take Instagram for example, you can curate your grid to encourage people to follow the account and share the posts too. Spotify has a following of more than 8 million that keep up to date with the latest arts and trending podcasts or music.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the top marketing design trends in the media and entertainment industry that will likely continue in the next year as well. Before you start work on your marketing strategy, make sure that you are clear about your branding elements. If you are yet to get a logo designed, you can launch a contest to pick a winning symbol to represent your business on various digital mediums and in print too.

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