20 Quotes From The Mighty Female Business Warriors

By Mehreen Siddiqua , Aug 25 2016

Women from around the world have taken great strides against all odds in the business world. There is still a long way to go but 24 % of all senior business roles is nothing short of amazing. Note that in 2015, this figure was a mere 2 percent. However getting to a senior position is not the ultimate goal for the female warriors, it’s the right attitude that makes them well deserved for their role. Besides, they have to prove with their words and action that they can face every challenge head on. We are on the brink of changing roles for men and women as entrepreneurs. The universal gender bias has always created stereotypes within the business community. It’s time to break free from stereotypes.

Interestingly, Russia takes the lead in allowing women almost half of the senior management positions of up to 45%. Believe it or not, women entrepreneurship is gaining momentum and the success stories of females serving in iconic business roles have started to surge. So if you are a small business owner or aspiring to be one, what could be a better inspiration than hearing motivational words from someone who has already done it?

Female entrepreneurs are the biggest demographic under study within 35-55-year-old age bracket. While it’s common to see twenty-something and early-30 Millennial males at the helm of startups, particularly in places like Silicon Valley, it’s actually women who are creating and leading some of the most established and promising companies overall.

Does Gender Makes A Difference?

This question has haunted women across different cultures. No matter how much people make women realize of their other roles, those misogynistic comments and biased remarks cannot hold back a women of determination. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personality and some people need more strength and rigid display of character than others in order to succeed against all odds. Glancing through the achievements of some female entrepreneurs, we can have some similarities of characteristics that they share.


This one trait is integral for the long-term sustainability of an entrepreneur. While passion in your work gets you started, it’s truly the self-belief that gets you going. While going through the quotes of some female entrepreneurs you will notice their self-reliance. Some of them started off solo with years of rejection but they kept coming back with innovations, such was their self-belief.


When your business venture becomes your priority, everything else takes a backseat. You will learn that these female entrepreneurs are not just driven by passion but also by ambition. In their struggle to keep looking for the best, they never settle for something less than that. The success of these ambitious warriors shows that the male entrepreneurs, established and upcoming are about to face serious challenges.

Keep Your Calm

Note that women are often called hot-headed, defensive and impulsive and despite this generic opinion female entrepreneurs keep their calm. Against convention, you will see women entrepreneurs are brave hearts and open to criticism.


People with swaying opinions and lack of strategy can never build credibility in the long run. Now these warriors know their business inside out. They are confident of their strategy and despite all attempts to deter, they remain fearless. Sometimes being assertive is the real key to success, it means you are never really willing to admit failure. The women of words and action have developed credibility in their industry and garnered respect due to their assertive behavior. When the female business warriors speak, you can witness substance in their speech and the authority that you would expect from any leader. That’s precisely why we have selected the words of wisdom from female entrepreneurs.


Women entrepreneurs have to go through hell to keep their empire alive. Having the courage to start the business and keeping it alive, updated and relevant requires persistence and sometimes bravery. These female warriors go through the lowest moments when they don’t want to face the world but their goals keep them high-spirited and motivated.

Cheers to all the female warriors! Without their courage and bold decisions, the women of the world could never have been empowered. Here’s a roundup of 20 motivational quotes from female entrepreneurs.

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