Infographics: Mitigating the Gender Effect in Business

By Shyrose Vastani , Jan 16 2015

‘Gender stereotypes’ is a discourse that has become a pre-dominant notion in the business world.  A comparative analysis of the last few years highlights the changing role of men and women as entrepreneurs. While there is a huge scope for entrepreneurs to explore the upcoming trends in marketing it is also time for small business owners to make New Year resolutions that give a boost to their respective businesses by lessening the gender impact.

This infographic statistically explains the effect of gender disparity on entrepreneurs and stakeholders. The indicators draw a diplomatic paradigm on the way gender defined roles perform in various sectors.

Research shows that men and women prefer different industries for entrepreneurship. Some statistics suggest that male entrepreneurs are more likely to win attractive pitch competition than females.

It is astonishing that businesses owned by men are more likely to get funding’s and generate revenues while small business women owners raise less capital. So while female entrepreneurs are giving male counterparts competition, the gender gap is alive and kicking.

Mitigating the Gender Effect in Business

A philanthropist by nature, Shyrose Vastani is professionally working as a digital media marketer and visual design blogger. She is a visual media enthusiast with keen interests in research, business trends and graphic design. With a background in psychology, she is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge about visual media and its impact on consumer behavior and people in general.


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