Brand Your Landscaping Company With 50 Color Palettes Of America

By Aamina Suleman , Mar 7 2016

We’re already overwhelmed by the 50 states of America – a country so vast, multicultural, progressive and successful. Why am I telling you this? If you are a local landscaping company in any of the fifty states then it’s nice that you reflect the characteristics of that place in your branding and marketing. This way you can genuinely claim: “My landscaping company is local!”

One thing that always represents your company and connects you with your target market is your corporate logo. It’s a key component of your branding stationery and on all your marketing items. Without it, you will be a nameless company which provides landscaping products and services but is like a ghost.

Larry Kim in The Psychology of Logo Color in How Consumers View Your Brand has written “From Fortune 500 companies to personal brands, it all starts with a logo.”

So make a logo today if you don’t have one.

Ideal Logo for Your Local Landscaping Company

While there are several interpretations regarding the “ideal” logo for any company, the best one for your landscaping company should:

  • Have symbols representing landscape/ nature
  • Use typography that reflects your business idea
  • Include colors that say “local” and “landscape”

Crawford Logo

Four Season Logo

Goodwin Logo

Why Add Colors in Your Landscaping Logo?

According to a Canadian company, Colorfast “color boosts brand recognition by 80%” and this is why when you use a befitting color palette, you add life to your logo but also aids in connecting your brand with your customers.

Kate Taylor, staff writer at Entrepreneur says “color of some landscaping logos is more powerful than the logos themselves”. Many logo quiz games hint gamers with logo design colors and ask them to guess the brand. People remember colors, so choose your colors wisely.

How Have I Derived 50 Color Palettes?

Color inspiration can come from anywhere. You could use programs like Adobe Kuler or online Pantone codes to incorporate in your logo designs. On the other hand, you can add a bit of uniqueness.


In the slide deck below, there are 50 color palettes I have made for you! They represent the fifty states of America through the symbols of the particular state. From the state dogs, birds and trees to a state’s gem, mineral and more. Check out the slides to know how it’s done.

Which Is Your Favorite Color Palette?

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