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The purpose of graphic art and concept of a company is to send a clear message about what it does. It helps people hone in on the services based on the visual design aesthetics. Knowing how to sell your brand identity through a good logo design is of the essence. This is very true for visual oriented businesses like landscaping and gardening.

In this trade, you'd want a design that looks clean as your business is based on providing "clean and green" products and services. In addition to projecting the unique personality of your company, the brand image should also represent natural beauty and simplicity. How do you get this level of uniqueness and stand apart from your competitors? Let's discuss some key elements.

The Serenity and Cleanliness of Colors

In order to grab attention in this business, you need to make use of "earthy" color tones. Green, for instance, is the absolute undisputed best pick for a gardening logo as it's associated with nature. Apart from its natural element, it also represents the psychological elements of landscaping and gardening brand. Green conveys emotions associated with peace, restoration, harmony and balance in color psychology so you can't go wrong.

Brown is also a very natural-looking color for gardening and landscaping designs as it's also among the earthy colors. The right hue of brown can enrich your brand image and boost its earthy feel. From a psychological standpoint, brown relays feelings of reliability, warmth and support.

Blue usually depicts water or a beautiful, flawless sky. Go with blue if you want to create a relaxing design that represents this calming element of mother earth. The color inspires trust, reflection, tranquility and serenity.

Yellow is an attention-grabbing, highly optimistic color. Customers will often associate yellow hues with sunshine and picture themselves walking around on their freshly done lawn on a perfect sunny day. Don't overdo it though as it can appear bold. This is a color that best represents friendliness, creativity and confidence, typically when used as an accent, not a primary tone.

abstract door landscaping logo
grass landscaping logo
swoosh landscaping logo

Tying in Images of Nature

Mostly, landscaping brand identities feature graphics depicting things that the business does, rather than using abstract images. This is due to the rather obvious association with elements of nature. Going with an illustrative brand graphic lets you make it obvious that you're running a gardening and landscaping business. An abstract image simply isn't the most fitting choice as it doesn't portray actual objects, which is quite the opposite of what we want.

Lawn and Garden Care Service Logos

geometrical lawn care logo
tree in house with wrench home and lawn care logo
abstract hill with sun landscaping company logo

Some common imagery associated with landscaping include leaves, flowers, fences, animals or insects, stone walls, rivers, hills and trees. These images can be found in logos of all gardening businesses. Get in touch with a professional designer and ask him/her to pay special attention to personalizing your logo and make it stand out. You might end up using common images, but you must make them unique so they don't clash with your competitors' designs in any way.Here's a good place to start: what is your area of specialization? Are you a landscape architecture pro making use of the latest software to deliver? Are your front yard ideas and concepts synonymous with nearby buildings?

Every business owner will have unique talents and selling points and your designer will find ways to cleverly incorporate this into the brand image.

Typography Essentials

You'll notice that while some logos feature just an image, others only have typography but most have both. Though, there isn't any hard and fast rule for choosing typography. Some categories you may want to consider are:

  • Sans serif - clean, stable and modern, the LinkedIn image comes to mind. No lines at the end.
  • Display typography - friendly, unique and quite expressive. The decorative Disney logo is a typical example.
  • Script - elegant, creative and sophisticated, the Cadillac logo utilizes this typography, which resembles cursive writing.
  • Serif - traditional, reliable and professional, have lines running along the end of each stroke, as seen in the Google brand image.

Sit with your designer and choose the typography that best suits your company's outlook and blends in with other design elements.

An Instant Crowd Pleaser

A great gardening and landscaping design makes use of elements that make it instantly recognizable and memorable. The feel of your logo should be instantly likable. So if you find yourself overthinking it, it may not be such a crowd pleaser.

Consider versatility: does your design look as good on the side of a company vehicle as it does on business cards and the website? Your brand image will also show up in ads, so it needs to look as good in black and white. Try not to rely too heavily on a specific color tones because the desired effect might be stripped away once you display it in plain blacks, greys and whites.

The nature of a landscaping company's work can vary depending on the season. Spring calls for planting. Summertime is when most folks prefer yard maintenance. Autumn is the season of clearing leaves and so on. Try not to have your brand image focus on any particular aspect exclusively because you don't want to limit yourself. In fact, your aim should be to showcase the business in a general way.

Research and investigate logo design trends in the industry. Your brand image should be original but not based on something that's forgettable in a year or two. Why take chances when you can have a clear edge over your competitors? Get a professionally logo artist from ZillionDesigns who knows exactly how to keep you far ahead in the marketplace.

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