Humanizing Designs – A Guide To Branding And Marketing

By Aamina Suleman , May 5 2016

The world is evolving and so should you!

Despite the fact that we are now in a realm of super-cool technology, virtual reality and robots, people are increasingly becoming emotional. Logic is still there but often it is empowered by emotional intelligence i.e. people use emotional data to guide thinking and actions.

In this case, the trade of buying and selling a product or service heavily depends on the kind of

  • A brand you are – are you a brand who cares about its target market?
  • Brand identity you have – have you used visual techniques to connect with people?
  • Branding and marketing you do – is your brand positioning humanizing?

Bruce Temkin, a leading customer experience expert, labeled 2016 as “the year of emotion”. Thus, it is critical that brands analyze their existing practices and their consequences, to transform their brands into humanized brands.

Analyze Your Brand

Have you received crude online reviews from customers? If you are among those companies who get frustrated comments and feedbacks, then this is a problem. A big one.

To make your business a success, you need to

  • Provide high-quality products
  • Top-notch in-sale and after sale services
  • Human-centered branding
  • Emotionally and logically balanced marketing

Remember that having one of these qualities is not enough. If you have come up with the idea to open up a business then you should do it in the best possible way.

On the other hand, if you own a running business, you need to evaluate the Customer Effort Score (CES). It measures customer satisfaction level regarding how easy or difficult do they find doing business with you.

You need to constantly monitor, measure and understand the emotions and psychographics of your customers. This is a continuous process, which will touch all the different aspects of your business such as brand identity, product development, marketing and branding, front line management and operations.

Humanize Your Brand

With a click of a button, you cannot humanize your brand. You need to invest time, effort and money.

Whether you are dealing with customers, shareholders, employees or anybody involved or linked with your business – you need to target address peoples’ feelings, wants and needs. At the same time, you need to maintain your corporate culture. Simultaneously, you must preserve your brand vision and values in your identity and promotional activity. Don’t lose your essence in the process of humanizing your brand.

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How Can You Do This?

There several effective techniques you can use to humanize your branding and marketing. You need to work on your

  • Logo design
  • Website
  • Web banner ads
  • Presentations
  • Visuals (infographics and video)

Find out how exactly you can humanize and personalize your brand.

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