5 Ways to Make Playful Wordmarks Stir Up Customer Emotions

By Michael Baker , Apr 25 2023
Wordmark Logos

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Logo designs are the face of a company or organization; although their main purpose is branding and marketing, there is more to them. A well-designed logo can evoke an emotional response from the audience and leave a long-lasting impression.

Now the question arises of how to create such a logo that connects on an emotional level with the audience. There are several ways to do that such as colors are most commonly associated with emotion in logos, but many people don’t know that wordmarks can also stir up emotion, but how?

Well that is going to be our main topic of discussion today. We will discuss five ways a wordmark logo helps to get an emotional response, but first we must understand what a wordmark logo is and when to use it. So let’s get started.

What is a Wordmark Logo?

As the name implies, wordmark logos are primarily composed of text, usually using a specific font or typeface. Wordmarks are mostly the name of the organization or business entity. Coca-Cola, Facebook, and FedEx are some of the most well-known wordmark logos.

Logos with wordmarks serve a specific purpose. A wordmark logo is commonly believed to require less effort to create than a traditional logo well that’s a lie.

The design of a wordmark logo requires several attempts before it is perfect. Which design are you referring to? It takes considerable effort to select a typeface that is appropriate for your brand’s personality.

Some may argue that creating a wordmark logo is more difficult because it does not have any supporting graphical elements. The word must serve as a design, descriptor, and emblem for the brand all at the same time.

When should Wordmark logos be used?

If you are considering using a wordmark logo for your brand, it is important to understand how you intend to use it. There is a possibility that you will select a wordmark logo due to its minimalistic appearance. You may be inspired by more prominent brands which use a wordmark and wish to emulate their style.

Wordmark logo is primarily suitable for three occasions, as explained below:

1. Your business name is short and catchy

Short business names work well as wordmark logos, which is why L’oreal looks great in capital and bold design. Despite having ‘five letters only’, it makes an impact. To support long and tedious brand names, a visual symbol is required.

Wordmark Logo 1
Image Source: logos-world.net

Wordmark Logo 23
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/RobbySC

2. You Want To Show a Distinctive Typeface

Regular or open fonts are anticlimactic when used with wordmark logos. In the end, they are pretty much like stylishly written words. Wouldn’t having a unique font that no one had seen or used before be great?

This way, your logo will be distinguished from the rest and won’t be confused with a headline from another brand’s advertisement. It is also important to choose a typeface that is unique for your brand. Such as the Casper logo.

Wordmark Logo 2

Wordmark Logo 24
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Norddne

3. You Will Use the Logo on Different Mediums

A visually cumbersome logo has a difficult time adapting to different media. Logos that are leaner are easier to adapt to a variety of formats. You can easily print wordmarks on numerous plain surfaces, including t-shirts, flags, letterheads, and more.

Wordmark Logo 25
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/RobbySC

5 Ways to Make WordMark Logos Memorable

Following your understanding of a wordmark logo and where it should be used, let’s discuss some creative ways to make it memorable and appealing to the eye.

1. Be Sure to Use the Correct Font

Choosing the right font is crucial to the success of your logo as a wordmark. Due to the absence of a graphic element or emblem to compliment your brand logo, legibility is vital. Your font should be easy to read, have well-spaced characters, and reflect your brand’s personality. The following are a few suggestions

  • Classic typography solutions include serif fonts. In general, most people consider serif fonts to be mature, consistent, and easy to read. Many popular brands like ‘Rolex’ and ‘Tiffany and Co’ use this font that is very memorable.
Wordmark Logo 3
Image source: dafontfree.co
Wordmark Logo 4
Image source: pentagram.com
Wordmark Logo 26
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/nellie
  • A sans serif font appears to be concise and minimalist in design. They are considered informal and innovative by most people. Many companies, including Calvin Klein and Facebook, use a sans-serif font.
Wordmark Logo 5
Image source: 1000logos.net
Wordmark Logo 6
Image source: logos-world.net
Wordmark Logo 28
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/MuDiNat
Wordmark Logo 29
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/ziya75
  • A handwritten font creates an emotional connection with a brand. The logos of Coca-Cola, and Cadbury are all great examples you can look at.
Wordmark Logo 7
Image source: logos-world.net
Wordmark Logo 8
Image source: logos.fandom.com
Wordmark Logo 30
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/5dlogo
Wordmark Logo 31
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Adi888
Wordmark Logo 32
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/Warl99

Decide the ideal kerning for the font, which is the distance between each letter. The following factors will influence your choice of kerning:

  • Would you like some or all of your letters to touch? FedEx’s logo contains all letters touching each other, as does the 3M’s.
  • Is adding or reducing the spacing between letters in your logo more effective in increasing readability? You can see that Sony has created large spaces between the four letters in its brand name.

Wordmark Logo 9
Image source: logos-world.net

2. Include a Catchy Detail

One character can sometimes distinguish between a “regular” typeface and an eye-catching one. This element of surprise makes the logo memorable and easy to recognize.

Check out the following logos of famous brands and how they use this catchy detail.

  • FedEx’s logo features an arrow concealed between the letters “e” and “x”. In the logistics industry, the arrow represents the two core values of speed and precision
  • The Braun logo is easily recognized from a distance because it capitalizes the letter “A.”.
  • In the Baskin-Robbins logo, a hidden number “31” is located in the pink portion of the letter “B.” A clever, small detail shows off the brand’s 31 ice cream flavors if offers.
  • With a simple, bold design, the Amazon wordmark uses lowercase letters to display the word “Amazon.”. The letters are in a smiley face shape that conveys the brand’s customer-friendly attitude.
Wordmark Logo 10
Image source: braun-clocks.com
Wordmark Logo 11
Image source: companieslogo.com
Wordmark Logo 12
Image source: 1000logos.net
Wordmark Logo 13
Image source: dreamstime.com
Wordmark Logo 33
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/jovita
Wordmark Logo 34
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/zephyr
Wordmark Logo 35
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/zabar
Wordmark Logo 36
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/jovita
Wordmark Logo 37
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/odc69

Choosing a character feature is a personal decision, so ensure you have a good reason for choosing it – will you use the letter as your monogram? What effect does it have on the positioning of your company name, and what does it represent?

3. Use Colors For Emotional Touch

If your logo is primarily text-based, color can be a powerful tool for distinguishing your brand and drawing attention. You may have seen the cheerful-yet-subdued orange of Etsy’s logo, or the brightly lettered Google logo that is easily recognizable.

Consider the psychology of colors when selecting a color palette for your logo. Colors each have their own meanings and associations.

The color orange is often associated with joy, the color violet with luxury, the color blue with reliability, etc. Consider what hue best reflects the personality of your brand.

Are you interested in making the text in your logo stand out? Combining several hues that are complementary is a good idea. You will use your wordmark on several different backgrounds so choose to look appropriate on all of them carefully.

Choose a color palette that reflects your creativity as well. Following are some ways that famous brands choose their color.

  • Highlight one or more letters in a different color. You can take a look at Google as an example.
  • Make your message memorable by using playful imagery. Lego’s logo displays the company name in brightly colored letters, accompanied by a smiling yellow figure.
  • Dropbox uses blue color sans serif font in its wordmark logo. Since this color is mostly associated with the trust and dependability that Dropbox provides when protecting the user data and information.
  • Add a colored shadow, similar to PayPal’s. A subtle, light-colored shadow is cast in bold, blue letters behind the company name.
Wordmark Logo 14
Image source: 1000logos.net
Wordmark Logo 15
Image source: 1000logos.net

Wordmark Logo 16

Wordmark Logo 38
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/anijams

4. Try Out Different Shapes

The shape is important to creating an eye-catching and memorable wordmark logo. You may use them to emphasize certain letters, convey a sense of movement or balance, or convey your brand message. A practical design can be enhanced by a striking shape that communicates much about your brand.

Below are a few examples of brands that use a variety of shapes as part of their wordmark logos.

  • By slightly bending the text, Netflix has added volume to its brand name. It is an unusual and unique method of branding.
  • Nike’s “swoosh” logo is one of the most iconic logos in the world. The logo’s shape is a curved check mark symbolises motion and speed.
  • Adidas’ logo consists of three stripes that convey a sense of strength and performance, particularly targeting athletes. The stripes also show diversity and international appeal of the company.
  • There is a blue and white checkered design on the BMW logo, with white BMW lettering in a circular black shape. The unique shape of the design gives a sense of sophistication and modernity.
Wordmark Logo 17
Image source: wikipedia.org
Wordmark Logo 18
Image source: 1000logos.net
Wordmark Logo 19
Image source: logowik.com
Wordmark Logo 20
Image source: techxide.com

5. Play With The Background Color

A wordmark logo may incorporate any color as a background. Any combination of colors can be used as long as the color contrast is good and the text can be read clearly. Having fun inscribing your brand’s name on various canvas colours is a great way to promote your company.

Some famous brands who use this approach are:

  • Mcdonalds, with their red background color contrast the ‘yellow’ text and is one of the best combinations of colors.
  • Spotify with Green that is easily recognizable
Wordmark Logo 21
Image source: blog.logomyway.com
Wordmark Logo 22
Image source: newsroom.spotify.com
Wordmark Logo 46
Image Source: ZillionDesigns/ziya75

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Things to Avoid in Wordmark Logo Design?

At times, a wordmark logo may appear too simple. Don’t get carried away with giving it a unique appearance! When making adjustments to your logo, remember the follwoing points:

  • Be Careful Not to Overdo it

In their simplicity, wordmarks are intended to convey a powerful message. Choose one or two elements from the above list and avoid using elaborate display fonts or multiple colors.

  • Make Readability a Priority

Your customers will be confused if the wordmark logo is not clear. Your logo must be easily readable from a long distance.

  • Use Spacing in Letters Wisely

Don’t over-adjust your logo’s kerning or leading. Using too much spacing in your logo will appear unprofessional and unpleasant to the eye. Adding or removing spacing in small increments is recommended.


Wordmarks are a simple yet effective way to make an impression on your target audience. Without any additional graphics or images, a wordmark logo is a great way to convey your brand’s message in a minimalistic manner.

Consider what message you wish to convey to your target audience through your logo before creating your wordmark. We hope the five tips explained in the article will help you make the right wordmark logo for your business.

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