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Design a Creative Logo for a Food and Nutrition Marketing and Training Company

Outside the Vines


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For $249 Outside the Vines launched a logo design contest on Nov 19, 2013

They selected a winning design from 228 concepts submitted by 29 designers.

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Jan 5, 2014

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  • January 5, 2014 2:37 PM
    avatar CyberGrap
    any update of this project?

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  • December 15, 2013 9:40 PM
    avatar g2180
    Project Holder

    Thanks for your comment. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

    I did not realize the projects were veiled on the designers' end when the project initially started, but I have since become aware of this issue. However, being able to view the other designs would not have helped much anyway in this case... The other information I provided in the comments on this page (including links to outside images for inspiration) as well as the information in the creative brief are of far greater benefit as it includes all the details of everything I am looking for in the logo.

    Also, I thoroughly understand the importance for each designer to receive specific feedback on each draft submission. Please know that I had every intention of providing individualized guidance throughout the duration of the project, but unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances got in the way of my ability to do so (hence the project extension). I am working on this now so you should hear from me again in a private message shortly. I am also committed to continue providing feedback on each new submission and answer any questions over the next few days.

    Good job on your designs, and thanks again for your feedback, and more importantly, for your patience!

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  • December 15, 2013 9:02 PM
    avatar bandhuji
    Hi CH, Thanks for your feedback but I must tell that the designs you are refering for our guidance and inspiration particularly where you are mentioning the fonts and colors is of no use because this is a hidden project where only you can see all the designs. Designer can see his/her own design only. I know its very difficult to comment every entry but it would be very useful if you could comment on the designs which you think are quite close or can be improved through your guidance in a private message to the designer. Anyways your rest of the feedback is very useful.Hope this will help in improving our designs. Thank You.

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  • December 4, 2013 12:53 AM
    avatar g2180
    Project Holder
    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks for the continued uploads. Here is some additional feedback that will apply to all designers and that includes some changes from the original creative brief. Please also carefully read the narrative portions of the original brief.

    1) I would prefer NOT to have an abstract mark or web 2.0 type design. I prefer to have some type of illustrative effect(s) incorporated as part of or connected somehow to the logotype.

    2) Any illustrative effects included should not be too abstract... they should speak directly to the idea behind the business name as described in the creative brief. I know this is easier said than done, but major bonus points if anyone can creatively and effectively come up with logo ideas that embody the coloring-outside-the-lines concept described in the brief. If this concept is not clear, please comment below or send me a private message and I'll elaborate more. So far only one of the submitted drafts (#44) seems to grasp this idea. I really want it to look like someone is coloring outside the "lines" (however that may look to you as a designer) but in a professional, artistic kind of way (not like a haphazard child drawing).

    3) Another preference is to have the logo dimensions more square shaped rather than an elongated rectangle shape, so "Outside" would go on the first line and the rest underneath. This is not a must if you decide it would look better the other way.

    4) I definitely want the curvy, swirly vine shape incorporated within the logo. Even better is to have the vine wrap around something (like one of the letters) like how a vine wraps around things in real life.

    5) For colors, I think I'll stick with a green color (a natural type green that can be found in nature), and the coppery/orangey/red color described in the creative brief (again, something that can be found in nature). See below for images of the kinds of colors I am going for.

    6) If one word is going to be bigger or more emphasized than the other, it should be "Outside," not "Vines," since the latter word is associated more with wine and vineyards and is not what the company is about.

    7) Any graphic illustrations should be more outlines rather than full illustrations. Here's an example of a nutrition-related outline:

    And here are some other Google images to spark some additional ideas:

    Inspired by the creative "S" in #14 and #15, I found these:

    a) (I don't like the shape or colors here, just the idea)


    I like the colors in the following:







    g) (love the bark and bark color here... I wouldn't mind if bark was incorporated into the logo)

    Other random photos for inspiration







    I think this should cover everything, but if you require more specific feedback relating to individual drafts, feel free to message me.

    Sorry for the long comment and thank you again!

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  • December 2, 2013 12:14 PM
    avatar AbsolutMudd
    Project Holder, Please check private message (Top-right link: 'Messages'). Thank you.

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  • November 30, 2013 2:34 AM
    avatar g2180
    Project Holder
    Hello Designers,

    Thank you for all the great designs so far!

    To clarify something in my creative brief, though the owner of the company is a nutritionist, nutrition counseling will not be provided by the company. Instead, the company focuses on helping food and beverage companies and community organizations promote their products and services and communicate their messages through the angle of nutrition (and general marketing). Therefore, any depictions of health should be related more to food and/or nature rather than to the human body (i.e. depictions of hearts or other organs such as in drafts #2 and #4, even though they benefit from nutrition, would not really convey the purpose of the company).

    I like the elegance of the font in #3, although I am not sure about using cursive in the text as I want the logo/name to be easily legible and recognizable to all (including children, for example). Cursive would probably be fine for all the letters except maybe the "s."

    The font in #5 and #6 is also cool, although it would be great if some are all of the text was more vine-like.

    #1 may be too bright and busy for the professional feel I am going for, but I like how it incorporates the concept of communications in there as I really do want the logo to convey both nutrition and communications.

    Keep the designs coming and Happy Thanksgiving!

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