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Doctor's Office Logo Designs Ideas

When it comes to logo design for medical professionals, keeping a balance between creativity, professionalism and brand identity is tricky. Your brand identity should always represent the service that is being offered and the design should be in line with the industry standards. Medical industry is a highly professional one and it needs to be represented that way. A brand design for a doctor's office doesn't offer much room for using creative cliparts or symbols. However, that doesn't mean that a simple name can suffice as a proper logo design for medical professionals.

There are certain symbols that are classically associated with the medical profession. When used in a unique way, they can give you a good identity design for your doctor service. Among the most popular and well-recognized medical logos globally are the logos of Red Cross and Johnsons & Johnsons. From their simple designs to color schemes, these logos have become a trademark.

So, what makes these logos a success when it comes to medical industry? And how can you take inspiration from these logos when designing your own doctor's office logo?

The first and the foremost thing to remember is keeping the colors neutral and using standard typefaces. Four of the most commonly used colors for medical logos in the industry are blue, red, green and grey, all revoking a sense of security, care, fitness, well-being, professionalism and vitality. Green being the representative symbol of resurrection and immortality is often the most in vogue in medical logos, closely followed by red.

From the design aspect, keeping your doctor's office logo simple is extremely important. Having funny figures and descriptive images in medical logos is highly discouraged unless you are a pediatrician. It goes against the sanctity of the medical profession. Cross, sun, and medicines are some of the most common symbols that are used when designing for the medical profession. However, most of the doctors' logos use the name of the service provider as a major, and often the only element of the logo to keep things simple and professionally apt. Care, security and impeccable bedside manners are some aspects that need to be represented most in medical logos.

This is a good example of a simple yet highly impactful logo for a doctor's office. The logo has very few elements but it would leave you in no doubt about what the office is offering. A cross is one of the most classic symbols that are used in the medical industry and this one makes good use of it.

It is made unique by adding a single initial of the doctor's name. This logo has been designed for a medical practitioner who had his service named as Rajesh Mahara. The color scheme of the symbol is also classic in its appeal, using the iconic combination of red and grey. If you need inspiration for simple, precise but perfectly clear designs, this logo is definitely one to consider.

Looking at this brand design, it is easy to understand why it's not a good one for a medical practitioner. It reminds most people of a cartoon character. This is not the ideal image to portray for a doctor in their patients' minds. The only time this logo could work was if the doctor using it was a pediatrician. Even then it's going to be a risk because parents would not find this logo trust evoking. From the cartoon image to the unusual font, this logo shouts "fail" for a doctor's office in every way possible. If you need an idea of what to stay away from, this logo is enough to tell you.

The only exception to the usual medical logo designing guidelines is when the doctors have to deal with kids. With kids as patients, they have a wider scope of using colors and animations to represent their services:

Chinese medicine doctor logo
caduseus medical doctor logo
abstract eye doctor logo design
doctor's office logo

This logo represents in a very clear manner what services are being offered. However, in making use of colorful images and graphics, the company doesn't lose its trust worthiness or reliability, ensuring that a professional brand image is maintained through clean and crisp graphics, clean fonts and typical colors.

To sum up, when it comes to designing a logo for doctor's office, it's important that you don't go overboard with the images and graphics. Simplicity and professionalism should always be maintained when a logo is being designed for a medical professional. The symbols you can use in these logos are limited but there are millions of creative ways they can be used to create a unique logo design.

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