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real estate logo design ideas


How simple would life be if you could buy a house from a supermarket? They'd be different models neatly arranged on the aisles and all you would need to do is choose one which looks good and flip it over to see its details. Supermarkets usually only keep trusted brands so you wouldn't have to worry about scams and cheats. No extensive research, no browsing through websites, no looking for contacts.

It is no doubt a painstaking process for the buyers; I can only imagine how nerve-wrecking the branding process is for the realtors themselves. In fact, the branding process for all entrepreneurs is a tricky task, but for real estate agents, the brand design process goes one step further in terms of what it needs to exhibit. Realtors need to create an identity which makes them look trustable as no one is going to buy/rent a house from a complete stranger unless he/she actually believes that the person selling it to them is an honest individual and that the business is not a hoax. Realtors are trained to deal with individuals in a way that they get mesmerized by their charm and exuberance; realtor graphic symbols should do the same. This article is all about how realtors can gain trust through their brand identities.


Anyone in the field of graphic designing knows that the color blue nurtures feelings of trust. So should all realtor logos look blue?

Of course not. How boring would that be! But yes, you must choose wisely when it comes to colors in their branding. I'm not in favor of limiting the use of colors but the choice must be made keeping in mind the nature of the business. Some businesses give more freedom in term of colors, but real estate is a serious profession and a formal approach is a must. Colors that are too bright can pose to be a dangerous choice as they hint towards a non-serious attitude. Would you ever approach a realtor with a fuchsia pink logo? I wouldn't, even if someone offered me the service for free.

lettermark realtor logo design
silhouette of man with tie real estate logo
key icon for realtor logo vector


A blue brand image looks good on your website, but green looks better on that ad you're about to get printed in the local newspaper. Will you change the color of your logo to match the advertisement?

That was a trick question. You should never, ever, ever, change your brand mark to match a certain design. It should be the other way around.The advertisement should be designed in a way that it makes your brand identity stand out, no matter what the color. There's no playing around with your symbol's shape or color after it's been finalized. If you really want to make sure that your logo design is adaptable in terms of color, the most you can do is create an alternative version but this needs to be defined very carefully in your brand guidelines.

Make sure your graphic icon maintains your identity on all platforms, not by changing its persona like a chameleon, but by changing the canvas that is being worked upon. No one even likes chameleons, except for a few weirdos I know.


When I go to a new website, the first thing I look at is the logo, and by look I don't just mean giving it a casual glance. I scrutinize the symbol, study it in detail and judge it on its flaws. Call me opinionated, but my no-judgment-rule applies only to people and not to brand graphics because you know, they don't have feelings. But they do have a very obvious burden of impressing people, which is why they need to be designed with creativity. If I see a badly designed logo on a website, or even worse, a lazily designed logo which comprises of crescents and stars, I am disappointed and do not expect that service to help me out in any way. Some people may ignore these flaws when it comes to less costly services, but realtor brand images are trying to convince individuals to buy a house worth hundreds of dollars and they really need to project professionalism.

wheat stalk logo for realtor company
modern real estate agency logo with line art
swoosh K in 3D circle real estate logo
door window inside house logo for realtor

When it comes to creating realtor logos, I love how Melanie Spring, the chief inspiration officer at a creative agency called Sisarina, puts it when she explains the importance of branding in an article featured in the Entrepreneur:

"It used to be more identity focused. It was about building a logo and all the pieces around it. It didn't really talk about values or how the company worked. Now we talk about branding in terms of how it makes you feel. It isn't always something tangible."

Even though she is talking about branding in general, I think you can use this advice to create a successful realtor graphic identity. Your mission as a realtor should be to create an emblem which makes it easier for individuals to make their choice. Believe me, no one wants to go through the cumbersome process of finding a realtor they can't trust. Give them a reason to trust you through your brand and website and they will be keen to take the chance.

Till then, I'll keep dreaming of the day I can buy houses at the supermarket.

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