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Any business's ability to influence customers largely depends on how cleverly a professional logo is adopted. The logo gives your customers a sense of trust and shows them that your company is a professional one. This is especially true for construction businesses.

With smaller companies, what happens is that the logo is often designed in-house or perhaps with a DIY logo maker. More or less, the design is rather basic and consumers are quick to realize that it wasn't designed by a professional. And here's where the problem lies: people will often look the other way without a second thought, when a company's image doesn't hold up well.

Irrespective of the size of your company, never make the mistake of forgetting to design your brand identity; it should be something that should always be given high priority. It cannot be stressed enough how crucial an ingredient logo designing is, when it comes to having the ideal recipe for a growing construction company. It is one of the bases of establishing your business as solid and reputable.

Consider these key elements when developing a construction business graphic design.

The Basic Colors

Choosing the right colors can be a tricky affair, but that doesn't make it any less fun. It would really pay to study how color psychology has an effect on people because people like to associate certain feelings with them. Here are a few tips you will find useful when selecting the colors for your construction logo.

Start by researching brand images in your local area - architect company, home builder, construction, and contractor logos. However, make sure that your logo design is original and unique or it may seem like you have copied another construction company's logo. Images associated with construction companies aim to convey a sense of shelter, stability and security. This is why you should avoid using colors too liberally because this might give people the impression that you are unreliable or somewhat non-serious. Experts recommend that you use colors like magenta, red, brown and white as these are the formal colors which work best. These colors tie in well with images of bricks, buildings or construction tools.

It's also best to limit your color to three as you want to project an image which leaves no room for confusion, but looks prim and proper.

Construction Logo Design Samples

Zerep construction logo design contest
construction logo design graphic
Newbury construction logo design
KPS construction logo design sample

The Simplicity of Fonts

Selecting the right font doesn't have to be a complicated task. Keep it clean and simple and you are good to go. Even though words aren't a must in your logo, having the company's name is essential. Serif and Sans Serif typefaces are very easy to read, so this is what you need if you want your clients to be able to make out an easily identifiable name.

Avoid going with a font where the letters will get jumbled up. A bold font works well as it stands out and conveys a sense of sturdiness. Go ahead and highlight the bold font to give it a twist. Remember, the key aspect here is to leave no room for confusion. Construction companies have names that are very straightforward and easily readable, even from a distance.

Unique Fonts for Construction Logos

The primary expression wording in images is not something every construction company design aims to achieve. However if you do decide on it, keep it as uncluttered as possible. Again, remember that customers prefer something that's direct, simple and easy to relate to. Once the name and image of your company is easily identifiable by a customer, this is when you know you've gotten it right. All they need is the service you provide, with no hassles or confusion.

Graphic design and art goes on your advertising and marketing material much like billboard, brochures, business cards and company website.

Images Say it All

Pick an image that you feel truly does justice to your business. For instance, home builders typically like to have hammers in their graphic designs. Construction companies prefer images of homes or a rooftop. This is a great way of showcasing what kind of service you specialize in. However, be careful so as not to have your logo resemble another business in the locality.

Construction Logo Symbols

construction logo icon designs

Even though images of a house work well, they tend to be overused. On the contrary, finding an illustration that complements the company's name will make your design stand out. Let's say you want to call your business "Panda Construction"; a panda bear image or bamboo stalks will be an ideal start to your construction company logo. Customers seeing an image with a business name are more likely to visualize what your business does. Here are some examples:

A Word on Versatility

A good construction business logo sits well with newspaper ads, billboards, website(s) and business cards. It's good practice to avoid using tiny details or designs that are overly intricate, as they need to resonate well with all mediums. Don't use more detail than needed. Using too many colors, for instance, will most likely have your image looking out of place in black and white ads.

Construction and Builder Logo Samples

construction and builder logo design contest
swoosh and bar construction logo
excavator construction logo graphic
construction and builder logo graphic

You must also know that email signatures are important for the popularity of your company so the logo design must also be able to fit in nicely with signatures.

Blend in just the right components, and you have a logo that stand tall, for ages to come. To ensure you are doing everything better than your competitors, go ahead and hire a professional logo artist to fully realize your vision and make it a tangible reality.

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