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Most business owners don't understand the importance of a professional, corporate identity. Because they have many responsibilities and tasks to follow up with, they often ignore this very integral part of branding. However, once the business is underway, you will realize that a consulting firm logo design is one of the first things that you must focus on. As a company that offers advice and consult a variety of people, you will need to set yourself apart and appear as professional and knowledgeable as possible.

On the other side of the coin are business owners who create a logo, but do a very poor job of it. These are the sort of people who fail to realize that a strategy and plan must first be put into action before you go about designing your brand identity. Unless you properly manage and think about all the elements which need to be implemented in the logo, you will only be wasting your time. Logo designs that haven't been created with a strategy will fail in the market almost as quickly as they have been made. This is why, you must be aware of some of the top qualities that your consulting firm logo design needs to have.

Unpredictable & Interesting

When looking for a logo designer who will create your corporate identity, you need to be searching for someone who likes to think outside the box. Instead of having a traditional consulting firm logo that uses common symbols that bore people, this professional will think of and design something which is unpredictable but interesting. It won't matter if you are a marketing, advertising or financial consultancy because the expert you hire will work on abstract images and intriguing ideas which are sure bring in customers.

Nicely Balanced

You will see a lot of logos that have everything going for them but fail miserably in the market because they aren't balanced. Though they have used good quality vectors, colors and typography, everything seems to be working individually simply because they are not balanced. This is why, what you should be creating is strategies that looks over each and every one of these components of a corporate identity and then develop a logo that is truly spectacular and balanced.


A brand that wants to be successful both in the market and in front of its customers must be connected. You should focus on what your target audience is looking for or what they like. However, no matter what kind of consultancy firm you run, remember to keep your logo and brand strategy free from any and all biases which will send the wrong message and may even make you viable for a lawsuit. Develop a corporate identity which doesn't have religious, cultural or race biases but which speaks to your target audience and is in-line with the industry.

Catchy Slogan

Creating a consulting firm logo design is not the only thing you need to think about. There are logos that are able to send out their message without a catchy slogan attached along with the core design. Remember that a slogan may or may not be the responsibility of your designer because they are there to take care of the design part. However, professional and expert designers will also know about taglines or slogans and they will make sure that you have something which is short, sweet but meaningful. On the other hand, if you can't find someone who can also provide you with a slogan, you can always get inspired by the various taglines that accompany famous brands and think of something for your consultancy firm.

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Explanatory but Unique

One of the most difficult aspects to achieve in a logo design is to make it self-explanatory but unique at the same time. What this means is that though it is essential that your brand logo remain unpredictable, it must also be able to tell your target audience what kind of services you provide. Along with this, your logo must also have aspects that make it stand out and make a solid statement in the competitive industry. What this essentially means is that you must have a good logo but not something which is obvious.

Right Use of Colors

Colors play a major role in your corporate identity design and its ability to woo your customers. When you are talking about a consulting firm logo design, shades like blue (trustworthiness, responsibility and security), green (wealth, freshness and prestige) and red (energetic and passionate) are commonly used. However, even though these are the most commonly used in the industry, a few companies also use other shades like yellow and orange to give the logo a personality. When designing the logo, also bear in mind that your logo won't always be in color so the rest of the elements in the design shouldn't be dependent on them.

Readable Typography

Typography is another element of the corporate identity which is extremely important. One of the most crucial factors which you must focus on here is the legibility or readability of the text. This is not only important when you are designing a logo which has your company name on it but also for ones which incorporate taglines or even your firm's initials. Other than readability, when you are adding any fonts, don't use more than two typefaces otherwise this will make your logo look amateurish and unprofessional. As long as your consulting firm logo design has all of these qualities, you will without a doubt be a success in the consulting industry. However, in order to get your ideal logo design, you must also look for a professional designer who knows the trends and is aware of the importance of this corporate identity.

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