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In the last few years, the fitness industry has grown remarkably, dashing all opinions about all the fitness trends being a fad. Proper marketing and branding of your fitness center has become extremely important if you want to create a successful and distinctive brand image of your service in the market. The good thing is that fitness services providers do realize the importance of branding but often, they fail to understand how important a logo is for their brand building activities.

A good and well-designed gym and fitness center brand logo is central to the visual branding, which goes a long way in creating a long-lasting and unique business reputation in your customer's mind. However, not every logo is a good logo, even for a small fitness center. It must be unique, precise and in line with the branding efforts of your club, incorporating the right colors of your brand and giving out the right message to the customers. A logo is probably the first thing your customers are going to notice if it's good and attractive, whether it's placed on your website, brochure or your business card.

One of the most important things to remember is that your brand logo should always be a visual representation of your business. For a gym, a fitness equipment or a fit body image could be essential elements for the brand design. Since the nature of business is not very formal, a variety of fonts can be used other than the most conventional ones, especially the ones that can give your logo a more rugged and tough look. The logo you come up with should always lean towards strength and fitness.

Rightly designed and used effectively during the branding process, your logo can become a distinctive identity of your fitness center that people can remember, recognize and relate with. To give you an idea of what a successful fitness center logo should look like, here are some of the best fitness club logos from all over the world:

The logo of Campbell Health and Fitness Center is a good example of what you should look for in a logo for such a service. The simple image used in the logo leaves no one in doubt about what the company is offering. They have used simple colors and a simple font to give the logo a more professional yet sophisticated look, which works well.

The Carlos Got Fit logo is another example, clearly demonstrating what's on offer, telling you this is the place to go if you need boot camps. Since boot camps are best represented by strength, the image added to the logo goes perfectly well with the logo. Vintage-style colors and fonts give this logo a very classic appeal that definitely makes it unique.

The logo for Fitness Boot Camp is a good example of making your target audience clear about your business. One look at the image and you'll know that they are offering women's fitness training programs. The image is also good at telling what services they exactly offer, focusing more on strength than on fitness to indicate they are offering boot camps and not just simple fitness programs.

Another good example of a simple but effective logo design is the logo of Flex Appeal that uses a single but strong image to represent what the service is all about. What better way to represent a gym and fitness center than a dumbbell. Simple colors and fonts make the logo clean and sophisticated.

While it isn't usually a good practice to use gender specific images unless you have specific audience, the logo of In Shape Gourmet use such image in an extremely smart way. The fit female and the buff male figure is undoubtedly an effective representation of what these Gourmet Meal Company aims to do for its target audience.

The Strong Fitness Club logo is also a good example of how to create a simple and clear logo design for a fitness center. This logo uses the simplest of colors yet deliver a strong message about the strength training programs this company typically offers. The image used in this logo is clear enough in its representation that it doesn't need words to relay the service offering message.

All these examples are clear enough to tell you that logos for a gym and fitness center can be very effective in giving a clear brand identity to your business. Using a unique image and colors that go with your other branding activities will give your business a logo that customers will be able to identify with your business.

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