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Free Logo Maker

Best Logo Generator Online that Offers completely Free Logo Designs for Download.

How to Create the Perfect Logo with Our Free Logo Maker

The first thing any business needs is an outstanding and beautiful logo design. ZillionDesigns logo creator makes it easy for you to launch your brand in a simple and easy process. Now you can make a logo for your business in minutes.

1. Simple Free Logo Maker

Our free logo maker never fails to delight business owners with tons of free logo design templates and easy-to-use logo maker tool. Start with a company name, pick your favorite symbol, industry type and get started with making a free logo design as you like for your brand.

2. Customizable Logo Designs

All logo templates in our logo maker tool are fully customizable so you will always get a unique logo design for your brand. From slogan, font, color to symbol, style, background, etc. you have unlimited choices for customizing your logo design for free. Customize all you want!

3. Download from Logo Maker Free

No risk, no obligation and no signup. ZillionDesigns’ logo generator lets you make a logo and download the logo vector files for free. You can use it for branding and use as a startup business, shop, online store, YouTube channel logo, etc. Your business, your logo ready in minutes!

Want Beautiful Logos Made by Our Free Logo Creator?

All the Perks of a Logo Designer in a
Free Logo Generator Online

High Resolution Files

Get all you need for branding with absolutely stunning JPG, PNG high-resolution logo files. Safely create your logo for branding your business confidently whether through digital media or print.

Customizable Sizing

Generate a logo and download it in any size that fits your branding needs, whether you want to create a logo for your social media or want to customize it for your banner ads.

Color & Grey Scale

Whether you need a colored logo or a greyscale one, with ZillionDesigns’ logo creator tool you can enjoy the best of both worlds just as a professional logo designer would offer you.

Logo Vector Files

Unbelievably crisp and visibly appealing logo vector files which you can automatically download from our free logo creator tool, and use to launch your startup or small business brand.

Royalty-free Designs

And the best part is, from ZillionDesigns free logo generator you can actually get royalty-free logos. Use your logo design freely and with peace of mind in all of your branding.

Customer Support

Enjoy ZillionDesigns excellent customer support experience for any and all types of query. We offer you timely help and guide you how to effectively use our dynamic and free logo maker.

Start Using Free Logo Maker

Why Choose ZillionDesign’s Free Logo Maker?

We are an established brand in logo design contests but we care about startups and small businesses owners with a tight budget who can’t afford to splurge. After all your brand deserves an outstanding and beautiful logo design too. With our ZillionDesigns free logo maker, your logo is in your hands. This is why people love using our free logo creator tool!

Unlimited Logo Templates

You will find plenty of logo templates with literally limitless options to choose from. From any type of symbol to multiple types of industries, we have all types of logo design templates in our online logo creator free tool. Just pick a symbol to get started.

Easy to Use Logo Creator Tool

You don’t even need logo designing skills to create a logo when you use our free logo maker software. It automatically helps you pick a design, font, color that is best fit for your brand. You just have to pick and click. Yes, it’s that easy to use the free logo creator.

Custom Logo Designs

Whether you are finicky with your brand logo, or not, we offer you all types of custom logo design options in the online logo generator tool. Use different fonts, change colors, fine tune your text and experiment with different layouts to customize your logo.

Interested in a Custom Logo Design?

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Network with style with professional business cards to match your brand identity. Our business card design maker allows you to create, customize and download your business card design in minutes.

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Free Monogram

Whether you want to create a monogram for your company or for an event like a wedding, our free monogram maker will surprise you with beautiful and eye-catching monogram designs. Try now!


ZillionDesigns free logo maker tool has been created for startups, mom and pops businesses, online stores, and YouTubers who need quick and free logos for starting their venture. As part of our campaign to promote startups, our logo designer tool is a service we offer and is ideal for your startups and small businesses.

Absolutely not! You don’t need any designing skills to design a logo. Pick and click is all you need to do, and download your logo in high resolution files on the spot. You just need high resolution PNG and JPG for branding, and we provide all these logo files to you. Just try it, and you’ll love it!

When you design a logo, some of the aspects that you need to focus on include:

Choice of font: sans serif, serif, script, or custom font impact your brand name.

Choice of color: primary colors, secondary, hues, tints, gradients should be according to the industry.

Choice of symbol: icon, illustrative, monogram, or symbol all communicate your brand’s visual image.

Choice of style: modern, retro, classic, minimal, or whimsical give different vibes to your brand persona.

Depending on your branding needs these aspects can help you nail the brand vision and message.

On the other hand, a logo creator tool has logo templates featured in a database that a user can access and customize at will and as per requirement. The user can customize all they want and download on the spot. Logos from a logo creator are templates and owned by the company that created the logo tool, and the design cannot be copyrighted or trademarked.