Top 10 Business Card Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

By Michael Baker , Jan 19 2023
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If the business card design trends that are being predicted for 2023 are any indication, this year is going to be a bonanza of big, bold, and beautiful designs. The trend of intentional design that started with Google’s material design will continue in 2023 and take a more present, and distinct form.

As you look at these trends, you’ll see that the common theme that connects all these top 10 trends is experiential, and not just pretty to look at. Business cards with interactive, physical, and 3D aspects are going to be the most popular.

1. Minimalism

This trend of clean lines, single-feature colors, and ample white spaces is going to continue this year as well. The beauty of the minimal design is that it lets you make one element the crown jewel, usually the logo, of the whole design while other elements in the business card can be complementary, making the focused element stand out and become memorable without too much design effort. To create an attractive icon for branding materials, you can launch a logo design contest and pick a winning one that matches your niche or industry.

With minimal design, try not to use more than three colors at the most. Usually, only two are preferred. One acts as the feature color while the other helps as the accent. You can also use bold design elements in minimal art but then you have to make sure that the other elements remain…well, minimal.

Business Card Design 1
Image Source: Behance

2. Cards of Varying Shapes

Gone are the days of rounded corners of business cards, or making the business card read vertically and not horizontally. 2023 is prepped and ready to bring a whole new dimension to size when it comes to business cards. From reduced rectangular strips of cards to round shapes, and from square ones to smaller shapes that can be called tiny, 2023 is going to have it all.

With a radical change in the shape of your business card, you can make sure that people you hand it to will pause for an instant and try to flip it in their hands to interact with it. And when it comes to branding and marketing, those few seconds can mean success.

Business Card Design 2
Image Source: Josh Edwards from Behance

Business Card Design 3
Image Source: Lea Caballero from Behance

3. Printed Edges

Printed edges of business cards happen to be another trend of the past year that we’ll see more of in 2023. There’s something about the print on the card’s edge that gives it such a finished look and made-with-care look. These polished and customized business cards look sleek, exude a sense of authority, and let people know that the brand’s attention to detail is flawless.

Business Card Design 4
Image Source: Clevery from Behance

4. Interactive Design

As we said before, 2023 is going to be the year of interactive business cards, that people can play with, and spend a few moments on – trying to figure out their design. Interactive cards are not only fun but make the brand instantly seem excitingly creative, unafraid to experiment, and easily memorable.

Carefully choosing which elements in the card you’d like your peers and customers to interact with, you can tell a lot about your business with the most simple of details. As the semi-circle does in the bakery business cards as it signifies a bite of the cookie.

Business Card Design 5
Image Source: Jukebox Print from Behance

Business Card Design 6
Image Source: Five Visuals from Behance

5. Textured Card

Another 2023 design trend that can make your business cards more interactive is textured cards. By adding texture to the surface or different elements of the card, you can make it into a piece of your brand communication that people can hold, touch, and experiment with.

Since most business cards are usually thrown in the bin within hours of receiving them, adding these little, fun, creative, and interactive details to your card, you can make sure it stays in the receiver’s possessions for a bit longer.

Business Card Design 7
Image Source: Behance

6. Bold And Unique Typography

Modern design is becoming more and more reliant on the artful uses of typography. This is another factor that you need to consider very carefully when working on your brand identity design. The typography and font styles need to be consistent for all branding and marketing materials. It’s important for businesses to invest in such elements as not having a visual brand identity could prove to be disastrous in the long run.

As designers become increasingly aware of the instant magic an intentional and strategic use of typeface can make in a design, typography becomes a central branding element. With this continuing trend in 2023, we are looking forward to seeing a lot more bold and unique types on business cards and other marketing materials.

Business Card Design 8
Image Source: Elliot Ulm from Behance

7. Fun Graphics

Consistent with 2023’s use of bold design choices, expect to see a lot of fun graphics on the business cards you’ll receive this year. Careful use of graphics always adds a recall factor to the design, not to mention intrigue and fun. Depending on your unique business message, you can be as dramatic or as subtle with your graphics as you like. For extra panache, you can also add bring colors to the mix, or choose to keep the colors more pastel as you focus more on the graphic art.

Using this design trend to your advantage, you can add specific icons, symbols, and signs to more clearly and emphatically communicate to your audience who you are and what you do.

Business Card Design 9
Image Source: Miriam Brtka from Behance

8. Photographs On Cards

Now, this is a trend very few people saw coming. With mid to later years of this decade more inclined towards minimalist pieces of design, there weren’t many who were going to go and experiment with prominent photographs on such a small piece of canvas as a business card.

But there are design daredevils that went and did just that and blessed us with business cards that show more than just your digitals and details. With pictures on business cards now becoming on-trend, you can utilize them to your best advantage. Display your picture, the picture of your office building (if it’s a landmark or has a prominent design), or fill it up (most artistically) with the pictorial representation of the work you do. You can also choose to display the picture of your pet (if your brand persona allows that).

Business Card Design 10
Image Source: S K Shuvo Chandra from Behance

9. Metal Cards

Metal business cards are such great staples of remembrance and recall. Where the other cards can be bent and tossed away, a metal card can stay put in people’s wallets and drawers for a long time. Giving out your metal business card to someone also speaks of luxury, sophistication, and quality. It represents a feeling of durability and can tell others of a business that’s certain of its continued success.

Business Card Design 11
Image Source: Metal Business Cards from Behance

10. Loud Designs

As we’ve been talking about 2023 being dominated by bold color choices, loud designs, and big ideas, here is your chance to see how such designs will look in practice. As you can see, with these loud designs, there is an accompanying sense of controlled chaos. It’s this control and careful brush with testing the design boundaries that make these cards such great pieces to look at.

Handing over one of these cards to someone, you can rest comfortably in the knowledge that your card will be looked at multiple times, or even be kept safe by a few (if not all!)

Business Card Design 12
Image Source: Jukebox Print from Behance


So here concludes our list of next year’s biggest trends for business cards. Let us know if we have missed any that you have spotted. We’ll add it to the list with a thankful shout-out your way! If you are looking to get trendy stationery designed, launch a contest today and get started on your branding strategy.

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