New Age Creative Titles For Designers

By Mehreen Siddiqua , Aug 30 2017

Listening to your employer announce your job title is the world’s most boring experience. To add irony to the situation, it is usually accompanied with a congratulations in the same sentence. They lack energy, and motivation you could be looking for. Creative job titles are a breath of fresh air in the world of robotic and mundane job titles.

You could be a graphic designer, production artist, communication designer, flash designer, brand identity developer or any other creative professional from a bewildering array of titles. But what does those stodgy words actually say about your craft? Rather than calling employees by a traditional moniker, many leading companies opt to use more playful titles for their employees. It’s an interesting idea because it adds some personal touch and is an innovative of engaging your employees from the get go.

For most part the inventive job title is often regarded as a passing trend and is known to have more cons than pros. This begs the question whether your job title should be creative. While differently industry or department might answer that question different, we can bet that creative professionals and the industry in general would be more accepting towards such titles.

New Age Creatives

The new age designers are going to contribute to improving and enhancing the user experience in the digital world and bring back its traces into the real world. In Facebook, there is a position called director of sound design and the person is responsible for creating all the sounds that you hear when you get notifications.

We are entering an age where no creative professional will be given titles that don’t explain anything about the person. Or at least no one would want those titles. Imaginative titles like ‘Marketing Rockstar’ or ‘Sales Ninja’ are intriguing yet self-explanatory. The prime reasons for the choice of out-of-the-box titles boils down to the corporate culture and communicating a job role that keeps it lively. Imaginative titles are usually predominant in the tech world but that does have to stop you from pursuing the idea. Check out some of the titles in all their glory.

New Age Creative Titles for Designers

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