The Latest Business Cards Trends To Brag About

By Mehreen Siddiqua , Jul 31 2017

A business card is your personal brand advocate. 72% people judge a company by the quality of a person’s business card. So with your business card, it’s not just your impression that matters. The impression of the brand or business you represent is equally at stake. Some people don’t even spare another glance on a mediocre looking trading card because 88% of the business cards are just casted away within a week. While there could be several other reasons for this, lack of design innovation takes precedence here.

“Business cards are like art. To be of value, it must be appreciated and not quickly discarded”

Henry Fan

A solid business relationship starts with a simple business card exchange. From the text and font to the colors and logo, every element should work together to get people to start calling you. The trick is to elevate each design beyond normal expectations. You want your clients  to be so impressed with the business card that they feel guilty throwing it away. After all business cards are an important aspect of visual marketing and if your client doesn’t feel like sparing a thought over it, then it accounts for a missed opportunity.

Emerging Trends From 2018

Among a sea of mundane cards with same old texture, your business card should leave your client surprised and in awe. Even with a complete recipe for a winning business card, you need an X factor to be added in design. Check out the latest trends from the world of visual marketing.

Digital Business Cards

Some business interactions are not limited to the physical world. In a time when almost everything has gone digital, business cards are slowly making their way towards digital. Certain apps allow the user to store and send digital business cards that could be shared with online contacts. The mobile applications such as Clinck, Haystack and eVaunt would let you create and store digital business cards making it convenient for personal and business use.

Interactive Cards

Those rectangle shaped cards are too boring to charm or impress clients. Interactive business cards add some activity into a simple card, thereby making it memorable. Even if the client is not interested in your service, they will keep the card for future reference or pass it on. Here’s an example of a shape-shifting business cards that perfectly conveys the nature of the business. This card can be transformed into a box that gives an appearance of a cargo box which is rightly suited for this business.

Interactive Cards
Image Source: Adeevee/Yamp;R

Smart Card

Another practical trend is that of bar code studded business card which can yield huge business possibilities. The 2D bar codes make it easier to save contact details from business cards to phones or PCs. However, these bar codes are the not the same as you see on everyday products. Since business cards need to present more data to be scanned, you will need QR or DataMatrix. Each of the barcodes contains the information such as a link to the website that you capture by pointing your mobile phone camera at one of the barcodes and interpreting the coded image via freely-available applications such as i-Nigma for mobile phones.

Image Source: intelliPaper

Die-Cut Business Cards

The trendsetters, innovators and entrepreneurs usually prefer custom designed business card that explains the nature of the business visually. Basically, the folding cards or the ones in various fancy shapes are an immediate attention grabber. This might also add to the cost also due to the fact that you will need customized card holders for customized shapes.

Die-Cut Business Cards
Image Source: Plastic Printers

Edible Business Cards

Of course, there are edible business cards and it’s not a new phenomenon. A few years back laser etched beef jerky cards made by Chris Thompson were gaining popularity as an alternative to paper cards. Today, it has great potential especially in the food industry. Imagine handing out gums that have your contact details on it or perhaps cookies. An experience created in this way will make your business unforgettable.

Edible Business Cards
Image Source: Aert van Seggelen

Let’s explore some exciting business card design and trends that will last in coming years.

Business Cards Trends

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