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By Kathleen Burns , Feb 10 2015
Brand Design Tips

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Your brand’s identity can be decorated much like your home – it can represent the seasons, the holidays, and other seasonal celebrations that your company and your customers typically celebrate. To take advantage of the seasons in ways that will benefit your company and resonate with your base of clients requires you to know what will reach your customers and what message you want to send.

You can send a message and tie it into a holiday in various ways including redesigning your website, coupons, business cards and logos. If your budget is too small to constantly redesign all of your branding materials, consider your store’s window display as another place to include brand design. If you have a physical location, your storefront window can reflect the seasons and send a message to your clients!

Hook new customers with illustrations and design

For local small businesses, your window display is an important part of your store’s identity and separates it from the other businesses in the area. Not only do you decorate your store for the season to create a conversation piece for your regular customers, but it serves as a lure to bring in new customers.

They’ll know that you value family and togetherness when your store front celebrates things like Thanksgiving, the winter holidays, and Valentine’s Day. And they’ll know you value friends and country when your window display celebrates the patriotic summer holidays. Customers will see your store front’s homage to Halloween and recognize your company’s appreciation of dressing up and taking the kids out to trick-or-treat at night.

We checked out a few small businesses in the Jackson New Jersey area to see what these local businesses are doing to draw in new customers for Valentine’s Day and share our thoughts and brand design tips.


#1 Display a deal that fits the occasion

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Destino's Pizza, Jackson NJ

What draws you closer to this store from a distance is the heart-shaped pizza illustration. It’s large and clear enough to see from the road. The pink banners around the illustration are perfect and don’t obscure the red writing at all, and all the writing is large enough to see at a distance without making the window look to busy.

Once you get closer to the window display you see that this small business values family and togetherness with the additional “family deal” and the personal message from the Destino family wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

#2 Stay true to your brand

Dee Dee’s Doodles | Facebook | Yelp

Dee Dee's Doodles, Jackson NJ

The hearts look vaguely like paw prints, and it faintly matches the paw prints all over the store’s signs and logo display. However, they could have done so much more with this display!

How about a dog on a heart-shaped pillow that looked all pampered and happy? That would bring across the message that Dee Dee’s Doodles cares for your pet and stayed close to the season. Not only would be it more attractive to new customers who pass the store on the street, but it re-enforces the message to their existing customers.

Unfortunately, this Valentine’s Day display doesn’t bring across a brand message at all like the displays they have had in the past.

 Dee's Doodle's Fall Design

#3 If you lack windows, create appealing text

The White Butterfly Facebook | Twitter | Yelp


If you don’t have a large window to create a design to pull people off the street, consider creating unique signage instead! As long as you have the ability to display a sign around your store, you have the opportunity to use it as a way to lure new customers.

If you passed The White Butterfly on the street, this sign is what would draw you in. Not only the text is large enough for passing cars to read, it’s a clear, targeted message directed to men that haven’t considered going to a boutique before. This small business decided that if everyone is targeting women with their Valentine’s Day displays, they will do the opposite.

Final thoughts

A seasonal display has so many benefits that the question is “why not?” They’re effective at communicating a store’s value and celebrations, as well as highlighting discounts, promoting sales, and highlighting charitable and other accomplishments.

If you haven’t considered using your storefont’s windows as a display before, you’re missing out on prime real estate to swoon new customers to your shop. They are a great way to generate excitement, and they should be a requirement for any small business looking for new ways to display their brand’s message.

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