14 Fintech Logos to Inspire Your Next Big Design Project

By Michael Baker , Mar 28 2024
Fintech Logos

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If you are in the fintech business you already know that becoming known can take some time. You have to work hard to build credibility and authority around your brand. When starting out, creating a logo design for the fintech industry can be slightly tricky. The industry works on earning people’s trust by giving them the secure services they want. And for fintech logos, that plays a huge role in brand recognition.

According to one survey, 75% of consumers think they can recognize a brand by its logo alone. Out of that 50% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from a brand with a logo they can recognize.

These stats show that most consumers feel a connection with a brand based on their logo choices.

Finance company logos require careful analysis and planning, research, and skills as a designer. The goal of an inspiring fintech logo is to reflect a sense of stability and innovation in this fast-paced industry.

This brings us to our blog topic, 14 fintech logos for inspiring your next big design project. We will delve into how you can create a professional logo that builds trust with your customers.

Let’s get to it!

1. Minimal Geometric Fintech Logos

Geometric minimal logos are versatile and used across many verticles. These symmetrical and balanced shapes represent the strength and stability of your financial endeavor.

Mastercard is a good example of a strong solid geometrical logo for a financial company. The minute you hear the name you recognize the logo—two colorful circles with a lowercase text underneath them. Redesigned in 2016, this Mastercard logo is a cleaner and simplified version of the old logo. When it comes to minimal logos, this one is a great example.

Fintech Logo 1
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Fintech Logo 2
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Pro Tip

Consider geometric shapes to add to the appeal of your fintech logos. These can work well as icons on social media and create a sleek look for your brand.

2. Gradient Fintech Logos

By using a gradient logo, you are making a bold choice with your logo. It sends a message that your brand is different. It also shows that you are fearless when it comes to making bold choices as a business.

Holded is an accounting software that has embraced the trend of creating modern logos. Their logo design consists of two geometric elements with gradient colors that look great in digital media.

Pro Tip

Gradient hues of blue, green, or even orange can make your fintech logo stand out instantly. It shows progress and that you are open to embracing digitalization in the financial industry.

Fintech Logo 3
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Fintech Logo 4
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3. Shapes in Letters for Fintech Logos

The idea behind this style is to give your fintech ogo an interesting letter or element-like shape to make it stand out from the rest. This can be anything even your brand’s initials so make sure the letter you choose speaks the brand story. In the end, you need to focus on building trust through branding for your financial company.

The leading German bank Deutsche Bank uses a slash symbol in their logo. Their trademark “slash in a square” shape logo, was designed by graphic designer Anton Stankowski in 1974.

According to him, a slash represents growth, and a square that contains it represents security. Both are crucial elements of a banking service. The logo remains the same even after 46 years with a change in color from black to dark blue.

Pro Tip

When considering a letter or symbol inside shape logo, think of what shape could represent your brand. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it as long as the design is cohesive.

Fintech Logo 5
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Fintech Logo 6
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4. Wordmark Fintech Logos

Wordmark logos are quite popular among different brands. Google, Dunkin Donuts, Revlon, and Etsy are just a few examples of companies that have such icons. These logos are made up of the company’s name without including symbols and can work very well for fintech startups.

Ally, a mobile bank’s logo is a good example of a wordmark logo that you can use as an inspiration. It’s simple and the round ‘a’ makes a playful symbol to use on social media profiles. They have also used a lush purple color to give a modern and fun look that was previously missing in the banking industry.

Pro Tip

To create more personalized wordmark logos, turn letters into shapes and make letters curvier for a memorable appearance. With such logotypes, you have more room to get creative!

Fintech Logo 7
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Fintech Logo 8
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5. Line Art Fintech Logos

Minimalism is a trend that has set its foot in various industries like fashion, art, and design.

If you think about it, line art is an important element of the minimalist movement. To create fintech logos that are clean and clutter-free, you can consider simple straight lines or twirls as well.

N26 is an online bank that has a minimal logo that matches the simplicity of its business name. What we love about this contemporary banking logo is its choice of minimalistic lines at the top and bottom of the letter ‘N’.The brand symbol makes a strong impression with its gorgeous teal color that brings the design together.

Pro Tip

Go for horizontal or vertical lines combined with a shape or a letter to create a minimal and modern fintech logo. With very less elements, you can say quite a lot to your target audience.

Fintech Logo 9
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Fintech Logo 10
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6. Motion Effects in Fintech Logos

Think of creating dynamic logos for your finance business as that can help make a great first impression on Gen Z consumers as well. These can also be used for your app icon and as favicons. To add to the credibility of the brand, make sure you get a professionally designed website before working on visual assets.

Wise’s new logo shows strength and speed with the flying flag. It’s a financial business. The design has a dynamic look that represents freedom as well as efficiency.

Pro Tip

You can add effects with lines, icons, and symbols that match your financial business or payroll software for small businesses to create a dynamic logo design. Make sure it stays true to the core message.

Fintech Logo 11
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Fintech Logo 12
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7. Abstract Fintech Logos

These types of logos are vague and abstract, instead of representing the brand name or story in a direct straightforward way. These logos use abstract visuals to build mystery around the brand.

Fluid is an app for college students to get interest-free loans. The name “Fluid” itself suggests a flexible approach to financial services that works for younger generations. The swoosh of the water pouring into an invisible glass or something is an interesting logo symbol to go with.

Pro Tip

Use lines or shapes to create abstract fintech logos that evoke interest from your audience. Look for elements that are mysterious yet represent your brand closely.

Fintech Logo 13
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Fintech Logo 14
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8. Black and White Logo

Never underestimate the timelessness and sophistication that black and white logos create. Fintech companies especially can use these black-and-white minimal logos as they represent efficiency and authority, and help build a professional brand identity.

You can go with a combination of both black and white or use one solid color in your logo. Using only black and white colors guides the user’s attention on the logo symbol or brand name without any distractions.

Banks like Standard Bank have both a blue color logo and a powerful black-and-white

logo. This logo gives the bank a sophisticated feel and reflects its authority in the banking sector making it modern and timeless.

Pro Tip

Go with a classic black and white color combination in your fintech logo to create a scalable and chic design that looks appealing on every medium.

Fintech Logo 15
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Fintech Logo 16
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9. Sleek Symbols in Fintech Logos

Sleek and professional-looking fintech logos never go out of style! These logos represent elegance, refinement, and all things professional. When it comes to choosing graphic elements in logo design, you can never go wrong with such symbols.

To give you an example of using sleek symbols in logo design, see the logo of Monarch, a personal finance management company. They use a distinct butterfly shape in their logo in combination with an elegant font to give it a modern look. The butterfly is of lush coral color, which is a very in-use color in financial services.

Pro Tip

To create a sleek logo, pick arrows, hard shapes, or thick lines that help build trust among the target audiences.

Fintech Logo 17
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Fintech Logo 18
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10. Nature-Inspired Logo

Nature-inspired logo symbols are used by a large number of finance startups to promote sustainability. Colors like blue or green, leaves or water droplets are very common in financial sectors as they represent minimalism and eco-friendly practices. Consider any such highly effective branding ideas to drive sustainable startups.

BNP Paribas, a financial service company uses an eye-soothing green color as a background to their logo. The four white stars in combination with green represent the development and progressive thinking of the bank. These natural colors in combination give out a more sustainable and minimalistic feel.

Pro Tip

You can use any nature-inspired element like a wave, leaf, or light colors to showcase sustainability and eco-conscious practices.

Fintech Logo 19
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Fintech Logo 20
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11. Vibrant Colors in Fintech Logos

Sometimes, you don’t have to use complicated designs or visuals to convey your brand message. Any bold or vibrant accent color is all you need to tell your brand story with a single logo.

Talking about fun shapes with bright colors, Bunny Money, (good play with words!) comes to mind. It’s a savings app for socially aware Gen Zs. The app lets you donate money to several nonprofit organizations registered on the app. This connection between finance and doing good service is represented by using solid-shaped B and M letters with bright, optimistic navy blue and bright yellow colors.

Pro Tip

Think of any vibrant and bright accent that comes to your mind while describing your brand. Pick one that compliments the color palette of the logo and enhances the appearance.

Fintech Logo 21
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Fintech Logo 22
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12. Playful Fintech logos

Funky or humorous designs can stay in memory for a long time. While finance companies opt for professional logos, you can consider something different by adding a humorous touch to the design.

Budgetbakers fun and delicious bakery-inspired logo. Now, a donut will not be an obvious logo idea for a finance business. But this design is more than just a plain boring donut. The round shape represents the connectivity and security that are the important elements of a fintech business. So think outside the box when creating a logo that appears playful and interesting.

Pro Tip

Use or create fun shapes or elements like cute little donuts or cupcakes! You can be as creative as you want and experiment with different icons or symbols too.

Fintech Logo 23
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Fintech Logo 24
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13. Conceptual Fintech logos

You might be wondering why we have included this logotype in our list. Industry symbols like arrows, graphs, and currencies are quite conceptual and used by many startups to showcase their expertise.

Copilot Money features a forward-moving arrow in its logo. The blue symbol on a white background can be considered a metaphor for financial growth. It is straightforward and immediately tells potential clients what the fintech company has to offer.

Pro Tip

Include an arrow or a line graph to show progress and represent your financial company. You can add different conceptual icons that tell the viewer how your brand can help them.

Fintech Logo 25
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Fintech Logo 26
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14. Lettermark Fintech Logos

Lettermark logos are designed by using only the company’s initials. These logos are a good choice if your brand name is slightly longer than usual. Instead of adding full name use the initials of each word.

Lettermark logos work great in the fintech industry. I’m sure you have heard at least 10 banks that use their initials instead of full names.

UBS Bank is one example of a financial company that uses its initials in its logo. Their logo consists of three key symbols. These three keys symbolize confidence, security, and discretion respectively.

Pro Tip

Without any additional letter or element, you can easily pick the initials of your company or yours if you fancy. This will also help customers remember the name of your business.

Fintech Logo 27
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Fintech Logo 28
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This brings us to the end of this post. Now, when you sit to design your next bold and professional fintech logo, look at these 14 logo design ideas to get your inspiration started.

Creating a logo for a finance business which you can do with an AI logo maker as well is more than just designing a fancy symbol, it’s about showcasing credibility and authority. Showing that your customers can trust in your secure services will let you build a connection with your customers.

Whether you are a logo designer or just a business owner who looking to launch a fintech startup, find your inspiration right here!

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