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#WinningWednesday! Designers & the Digital Age

By Kathleen Burns , Dec 25 2014
Our Winning Wednesday series is all about featuring exceptional designers who have works that caught our eye in some way and our desire to share their work to ...
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#WinningWednesday: Branding is Reinventing the Wheel

By Kathleen Burns , Dec 17 2014
Boy Bastiaens lives in Maastricht, in the very southern part of the Netherlands, close to the borders of Belgium and Germany. From out of his little studio, he ...
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#WinningWednesday: Balancing Studio by Day, Freelancer by Night

By Kathleen Burns , Dec 10 2014
If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be? “Go outside and make more mistakes, you lazy, terrified child.” Nicholas Ely fell into a career in ...
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#WinningWednesday: Is It Time to Stop Judging Designers by Age?

By Kathleen Burns , Dec 3 2014
Take risks and conquer your fears and people will take notice of you and your work. Tom Anders Watkins is only 19 years old, but his work has ...
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#WinningWednesday: Create Art That Has No Shame

By Kathleen Burns , Nov 26 2014
Vivien Bertin Website | Behance | Pinterest Vivien is a designer based in Paris, France. His work is overloaded with fascinating flawed character designs and gorgeous handwritten typography. It’s difficult to ...
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#WinningWednesday: This Animator’s Style Evolution is Inspiring!

By Kathleen Burns , Nov 19 2014
You don’t need to struggle in life to become a brilliant artist, but the most amazing perseverance can be found in those artists that stay dedicated to their ...
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#WinningWednesday: Do Guilds Help Designers?

By Kathleen Burns , Nov 12 2014
“The day you compromise your vision for the sake of the client’s happiness is the day your vision's color palette becomes gray scale.” – Victor Alonso Victor Alonso Boshuizen Website ...
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#WinningWednesday: Stay True To You, Don’t Be Swayed By Trends

By Kathleen Burns , Nov 5 2014
Tom Lane, also known as Ginger Monkey, is an independent illustrator, letting artist, and designer currently living in Bristol, UK. From packaging designs to playful typographic posters, Tom ...
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#WinningWednesday: The Flow of Amazing Typography Design

By Kathleen Burns , Oct 15 2014
There is something graceful about Martina Flor, and her grace reflects in the way she produces amazing typography design that seems to flow together. She combines her craft ...
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#WinningWednesday: The Challenge of Breaking into the Industry

By Kathleen Burns , Oct 8 2014
Michelle Lin is a talented animation artist and designer with an interest in character design and visual development for animation. She pursued animation while she was in school at ...
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