E-Gift Card Design Ideas For Your eCommerce Startup Inspiration

By Farah Ahmed , Nov 8 2022
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If you think about it, success in the eCommerce industry is driven by conversions. From lead generation to the end goal, businesses and startups have to invest in attracting a wider audience and creating recognition. To stand out from the competitors, it’s important to look for innovative ways to promote your eCommerce startup. e-Gift cards are a great way to boost conversions and build consumer loyalty as well.

Today, more and more consumers prefer to get e-Gift cards to redeem on the website later on. They can help save time and bring existing customers back as well. As an eCommerce startup owner, you can also reach out to a wider audience with attractive e-gift cards for holiday deals or special offers. This is a great way to build a recognizable eCommerce brand and establish credibility too. Businesses can provide a good user experience to customers by offering e-gift cards that bring them back to the website or online store.

It can help you generate higher revenue and build good relationships with people too. Since the holiday season is almost here, let’s take a look at some unique e-gift card design ideas for your eCommerce startup inspiration!

1. Holiday-Themed e-Gift Cards

This is a popular way to incorporate e-gift cards in your email marketing. Holiday-themed digital gift cards can make a great impression on customers and simplify online shopping as well. You can start a holiday campaign for Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Year’s Day to increase sales in a short time. Send e-gift cards to your email list that allow them to purchase certain items at a discount or redeem a specific amount on holiday gifts.

They can also be purchased by people as gifts for friends, family members or colleagues during the season. When designing e-gift cards with holiday themes, you can be as creative as you want. For instance, you can choose a color palette inspired by Christmas and calligraphic or script font styles in the headline.

Take the example of the e-gift card that consumers can purchase and redeem on Amazon. It is designed to celebrate the fall season and Halloween. People can choose the amount they want to send and add a message for a friend or sibling as well. You can consider a similar e-Gift card design for your eCommerce startup inspiration.

Holiday-Themed e-Gift Cards
Image Source: amazon.com

2. Minimalist and Modern e-Gift Cards

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to go with a simple and minimalist design. You may see such e-Gift cards on quite a few eCommerce websites. Muted colors can be paired with a wordmark or a brand name to create a modern digital card. This can also help boost familiarity and brand recognition. If you have a monogram logo, that can work very well with the design as well. In case you are looking to create one, you can launch a logo design contest and pick an icon that grabs attention instantly.

Minimalist e-Gift cards can be incorporated within email templates easily. Since they do not have any additional elements, you can add your product photos and brand colors to engage potential customers from the first look. Take the example given below here. This e-Gift card design by Mansur Gavriel sends the right message with its simplicity. It also generates excitement and interest among the consumers as they can get a closer look at the product too.

You could take inspiration from this design idea and create an e-Gift card highlighting your company name or initials against a neutral background.

Minimalist and Modern e-Gift Cards
Image Source: mansurgavriel.com

3. Bold Print in Design

This is a great design idea that can help your eCommerce startup stand out in the industry. Bold prints or patterns can instantly make an impression on the viewer and convince them to look up a website or brand. It can be an elaborate print or include an illustration as well. If you want to experiment with your e-Gift card design, then you can go for elements such as bright colors, shapes or symbols that form a pattern.

Take the example of the e-Gift card by Ganni. The eCommerce store is slowly becoming a recognized name in the fashion industry. They have created a unique design that can get people to talk about the brand. It does not overwhelm the viewer and features a prominent logo as well.

When you are using bold prints or patterns in your digital gift cards, try to choose elements that are easy to understand. Many different colors or icons could confuse the consumer. They may not be able to find the message or recognize the business. To avoid such a situation, look for ideas like stripes or spots that can draw attention in an email or social media messaging platform.

Bold Print in Design
Image Source: ganni.com

4. Black and White Contrast in Design

Create a striking contrast in your e-Gift card design that stays in memory for a long time. Black and white is a powerful combination that is popularly used in visuals and graphics. You can certainly consider this idea for your eCommerce startup inspiration. The contrast keeps the attention on the important elements such as the logo or brand name. It also adds to the appeal of the design and creates a minimalist appearance.

Now, you can try this in different ways for your e-Gift card. It could be featured in white against a dark background if you want to include a symbol or icon. This can also be something quite simple. Take the example of the e-Gift card from Aritzia. The white and black contrast makes a strong impact and can be incorporated with any template.

Such professional e-Gift cards can be sent to colleagues, employees, or clients with customized messaging. You can choose to create a black-and-white contrast to create brand awareness and recognition as well.

Black and White Contrast in Design
Image Source: shop.giftcards.aritzia.com

5. E-Gift Card Email Template

This is another useful e-Gift design idea for your eCommerce startup. Email is the most common way to send digital cards to potential customers or as a purchase. Mostly, they are added to a template with a code or coupon number that can be used for a discount later on. Some businesses also choose to include the message in the email so that people can instantly know what they are getting. This allows them to focus on the text instead of other design elements.

While it can appear basic and can be designed without a lot of effort, you still need to make sure that consumers open the email. If you are choosing an e-Gift card email template, create a catchy subject line that convinces the viewer to check out the offer. This design can include a personalized message from the sender too.

It keeps the attention on the text as you may only find that within the email. Consider the example from MoMa here. The digital card has all the relevant details and can be easily accessed on smaller screens as well. These designs are highly responsive so you do not have to worry about making changes for various devices.

E-Gift Card Email Template
Image Source: store.moma.org

6. Debit/Credit Card Design

You can certainly take design inspiration from your debit or credit card. It can be similar to the one issued by a payment gateway or processing platform. As an eCommerce startup owner, you can also partner up with one or reach out to a bank as well. This way, you could design an e-Gift card that is inspired by debit or credit cards. These might also be used to reward loyal customers with points or sent to people who have made a big purchase.

Add a logo or brand name at the bottom left or top left and include your message as well. Vanilla Gift E-cards have a lot of options for people looking to send them to friends or family. You can also customize the design or pick one with an appealing background or imagery. The e-Gift cards are accepted online and in-store like Visa cards. Consumers can use them instead of debit to get a discount or redeem payments.

Debit/Credit Card Design
Image Source: store.moma.org

7. Customized e-Gift Card

It’s always a good idea to have options for customization. You can allow people to choose their own images or photos to upload for the e-Gift card. This way, more and more customers might consider purchasing them on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or professional achievements. The e-Gift cards can feature a blank template with the company name or logo. If you want, you can include various styles for people to browse through.

Today, many eCommerce startups are offering a range of choices for potential customers. Adding an option for customization is a great way to create personalized e-Gift cards. When people can choose their own pictures for the design, they may prefer that over other formats. This could also help you reach out to a wider audience and create a positive perception of the business.

West Elm is an example of an online store that allows consumers to upload photos. The company has also included designs for people who may be looking for something creative or simple.

Customized e-Gift Card
Image Source: westelm.cashstar.com

8. Bright Monochromatic Colors

For your eCommerce startup inspiration, monochromatic colors might work very well in e-Gift cards. They can get the attention of potential customers immediately and add a pop of color to email templates or messages as well. So consider the idea for a minimalist yet interesting design. Bright monochromatic colors such as lime green, orange or blue could bring out feelings of happiness and excitement.

With such a design, you can also highlight the unique logo or icon without making any changes to it. Take the example of the e-Gift card design by ASOS below. People can choose a monochromatic color that they prefer and send it to friends, family members, or colleagues. The modern and versatile design can also appeal to a younger demographic of consumers.

Bright Monochromatic Colors
Image Source: asos.com

9. Dynamic e-Gift Card

This is another great way to boost traffic and conversions with an e-Gift card design. With dynamic visuals or animation, you can immediately encourage people to act and visit the website. You can add motion to the images, icons or text for stronger impact. When creating an animated e-Gift card, pay attention to the layout or template. Such visuals could take longer to load or appear on different mobile devices.

Make sure that your e-Gift card design is responsive and sends out the right message. Consider the example given here. This dynamic card can be purchased for a friend and family member for a special occasion. The visuals are designed to convert viewers and give them a clear idea of the products and brand.

Dynamic e-Gift Card
Image Source: shopify.com

10. Brand-Related Imagery

If you want to design a simple and attractive e-Gift card that tells people about your expertise and niche, then you can choose to incorporate brand-related imagery. Add a unique photo that represents what the business has to offer in the best way possible. While the logo and tagline will be included in the e-Gift card design, using attractive images that highlight an experience could certainly help people connect with the brand.

Huckberry has designed e-Gift cards that make a memorable impression on potential customers immediately. Nature imagery can get people excited about outdoor activities, an adventure, or a trip. Since the company sells gear for hiking, camping or biking, you might instantly think about looking for specific items. You can consider designing e-Gift cards with professional photos that help build loyalty and recognition.

Brand-Related Imagery
Image Source: packhacker.com

Wrapping Up

These are some e-Gift card design ideas for your eCommerce startup inspiration. If you are looking to reach out to existing or potential customers during the holiday season, you can get started right away!

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