Best Fitness Tracker App Designs Of 2022 For Inspired Training

By Michael Baker , Sep 10 2021
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As the world becomes increasingly digitized, it has become a lot easier to keep track of fitness and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you go back a decade or ask somebody about a time when there were no fitness apps or smart watches, you will realize that technology has really come a long way. Presently, there are a number of fitness apps that are user-friendly and can update people regularly on their calorie intake and physical activity time.

Now, there’s hardly anyone that you will see without a Fitbit or Apple Watch that is connected to the iPhone. With each year, you will come across new features or upgrades in fitness apps and tools which allow you to monitor your heartbeat and blood pressure as well. However, good applications are all about simple navigation and great design. According to research, one out of every five consumers are likely to abandon or install an app after using it once.

This is mostly due to confusing or complex designs which make it difficult for the user to follow. When it comes to fitness tracker apps, good design is crucial. Here are some of the best app designs of 2022 for inspired training.


You may already be using or know someone who uses this app frequently. It also has one of the most widely recognized fitness logos with the jumping figure against a blue background. If you are a fitness freak, chances are that you may be able to recognize this brand design in a phone or on a website. This is our top pick in the best fitness tracker app designs for a number of reasons. Let’s break down a few!

Design Features

MyFitnessPal is basically a calorie counting app which comes with various features that make it easier for the user to create meal plans and take up exercises according to their height and weight requirements.

  • Barcode scan: Users can scan the barcode of food items and get a calorie count automatically.
  • Quick Add: Search for foods and exercises, and add them with one swipe to the routine.
  • Variety of Workout Options: You can find different exercises in the search results as well as through the categories on the app.
  • Regular Entry of Food: It’s easy to track what you eat for your three meals during the day.


Image Source: App Store/MyFitnessPal

The app has been designed with simplified navigation and interactive elements that can help you keep a track of your daily steps, calories and movements through the day. It can certainly inspire you to train and shift towards a healthy living.

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Nike Training Club

It’s no surprise that this is one of the best fitness tracker app designs of 2022. As it is obvious by the name, the application has been designed in collaboration with Nike, which is one of the biggest sportswear brands across the globe. The slogan of the app is quite similar to the company’s and encourages people to ‘Get fit anytime, anywhere’.

Design Features

The app is focused on physical training and fitness, and comes with a range of options which allow users to follow short and long term workout plans easily.

  • Focused Workouts: You can actually find exercises that are categorized according to core areas and body parts.
  • Expert Trainers: The app is regularly updated and monitored by trainers who are experts and hired by Nike to design the workouts.
  • High and Low Intensity Workouts: Users have time and rep options to create workouts which are high, low or of a moderate intensity.
  • Beginner and Advanced Levels: This app has been designed for people who are just starting out or at an intermediate or advanced level of training.


Image Source: iTunes/Nike

It has a user-friendly interface and a minimalist layout which increases efficiency and can make it easier for you to look up different ‘Featured’ or existing fitness categories such as ‘Strength’ and ‘Mobility’. For 2022, this is certainly one fitness tracker app design that can help people stay active and fit.

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Daily Workouts Fitness Tracker

Now, you may know about this app as it is quite popular among a lot of people. In case you don’t, the fitness app is quite budget-friendly and best used by beginners. It has different workouts which are easy to follow and incorporate in daily routine. However, the application has no options to monitor calorie intake which is why the design might lack a few elements.

Design Features

If you are looking for something simple to track your fitness schedule, then this app could prove to be quite useful. Its features are focused on exercises and movements, including yoga poses as well.

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  • Video Streaming: You can watch the videos of the workouts on the channel and find various categories easily.
  • Time Tracker: Users can pick workouts which are short and within 5 to 10 minutes long.
  • High Quality Video and Images: These make it easier for the users to figure out the exercises and choose accordingly.


Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer
Image Source: iTunes/Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

While it is a great fitness tracker app design, some people might argue that it lacks a few key elements such as the nutrition plans. Despite that, you can surely get on track with your fitness by using this app for your daily workouts at home!

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Who wouldn’t want to lose weight and get a toned body along with a healthy lifestyle? Well, almost everyone and this app can help you achieve those goals in a short span of time. BetterMe tracks your calories and physical activity through the day and allows you to follow a customized workout. This way, you don’t have to push yourself and can easily manage a routine that is suited to your current weight and capacity.

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Design Features

The app is popularly used by a lot of people including young adults who want to track their workout routines and manage their calorie intake.

  • Macronutrient tracker: You can choose from over 30 health and nutrition goals which will allow you to cut carbs and unhealthy fats from your diet.
  • Easy To Navigate Interface: Users do not have to spend a lot of time looking for guidelines or logging their calories, the options are all available on the home screen.
  • Daily Tracker: This allows people to enter their meals at breakfast, dinner or lunch and monitor their calories for the day.
  • Personalized Plans: The app comes with an algorithm which recommends personalized or custom meal and workout plans according to the information provided.


Better Me
Image Source: App Store/Better Me

With an appealing red and white icon, the app cannot be ignored on your phone or any other gadget. It can easily sync to a wearable device or tracker as well.

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iCardio Workout Tracker

As it is obvious by the name, the fitness tracker app is designed for people looking to get into shape and monitor their health. It can surely inspire you to train and work hard in the future as well. During the coming year, this app might attract a lot of users due to its interactive and responsive design. It comes with all the features that you would want in a fitness tracking application.

Design Features

iCardio Workout Tracker makes it quite simple for people to exercise outdoors and take up activities that can be done without a gym too.

  • Built-in Routes: This is basically a GPS feature which people can use to track their workout routines outside.
  • History Of Sessions: You can track your metrics on a daily or weekly basis and figure out what needs improvement.
  • Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor: The app allows you to track your deep sleep and REM cycles, and keep a check on your heart rate as well.
  • Voice Interaction: You can get feedback according to your requirements and can customize it as well.


Image Source: App Store/iCardio

The app can be easily integrated with Fitbit or any other gadget that you prefer. It is certainly one of the best fitness tracker app designs of 2022 that can inspire people to eat well and de-stress.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the top fitness tracker app designs that can make it easier for you to track your steps, sync with wearable devices such as smart watches or trackers, and monitor your calorie count. You can download any one of these applications and choose various options according to your requirements. Some of these apps also have professionally designed websites that you can check for further information.

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