24 Brilliant Female Graphic Designers on Tumblr You Can’t Miss

By Elaynah , Aug 18 2015
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Some of the most evocative and diverse art on Tumblr belongs to female graphic designers and illustrators. Every artist has a unique twist to her pieces, and being able to find that assorted collection is just a hash tag away. A quick tag search will do all the work for you; in my case, “female illustrators” and “female artists” are the ones, which I use fairly often when I’m looking for unique work or seeking inspiration.

If you are seeking interesting and impressive illustrations and graphics to spark your imagination, these 24 female graphic designers are a great place to start! Here are my picks for the best up-and-coming artists on Tumblr:

1. YemaYema


A “lover of character design and art,” YemaYema provides its followers with fun, futuristic-looking-Lego-like characters. These two robot-cartoons are very cool – if robots were to invade Earth in the future, I think I’d be okay with it as long as they looked like these two.

2. Lola-mrc


This illustrator and graphic designer combines pastels and h2 primary colors, which make her art “pop” off the screen. Lola’s blog contains a mixture of abstract pieces similar to these, and more concrete images, which demonstrates her diverse styles.

3. Apple and Tangerine

Apple and Tangerine

Beautiful, nature oriented sketches, and well-drawn comics are what a follower will find on this blog. Being a nature lover myself, I enjoyed perusing through all of her paintings of flowers, and natural sceneries.

4. Kim Beyer-Johnson

Kim Beyer-Johnson

Dramatic sketches, coupled with original poetry, characterize this account as an intense one to follow. Whether she uses dark charcoal, or brighter colors, the level of intensity of Kim’s artwork never wavers.

5. Jana Heidersdorf

Jana Heidersdorf

This blog creates a mystical world for its followers, by posting sketches of supernatural looking creatures and characters.

6. Noelle Sawatzky

Noelle Sawatzky

The scenic watercolor art on this blog belongs to a self-taught artist; her beautiful mix of colors turn an ordinary backdrop into an extraordinary work of art.

7. Vanilka Rau

Vanilka Rau

This artist does an excellent job of combining darker colors with one of two bright colors to contrast with the main picture, giving her art a newspaper-comic-strip feel.

8. Winterteeth


The Last Buffalo uses darker colors in its sketches, which adds a level of mystery to the pieces. Note: this is account is an artistic blog, so some images may not be appropriate for a work setting.

9. Caramelod


Artist Melody Borg uses h2 and bright colors to immediately capture the eye of a Tumblr user. The rest of her blog has similar elements to these pictures; however, some pieces may not be suitable for a work environment.

10. Ohvicoh


Ohvicoh takes her followers through her artistic process by occasionally giving her followers “sneak peaks” of upcoming posts – building up excitement for the final product. The bold colors in her simplistic designs are real conversation starters.

11. Laura Breiling

Laura Breiling

Vintage works are what Laura Breiling specializes in and reminds me of other fantastic vintage styled pieces. Her uses of bright colors accentuate the smallest details, while the occasional modern-day detail (such as, a selfie stick) distinguishes her style. If you liked these pieces, then you’ll definitely love the rest of her blog (I know I do)!

12. Madison Safer

Madison Safer

Madison creates very cute pieces of art which feature natural elements and earthy tones. They all have a Beatrix-Potter feel to them, and remind me of Peter Rabbit.

13. Toffany


Tiffany Ford is an illustrator who works for the Cartoon Network channel. The majority of her illustrations are character-based, but they all appear to be unique, and seem to even have personalities of their own!

14. Laura Bifano

Laura Bifano

Laura’s prints are also generally character-based; her choices of color and attention to detail make her pieces stand out.

15. Emmeline


This is a cute blog that could help its followers stay up-to-date with common fashion trends, while also serving as a portal into the life of the blogger herself.

16. Elly Russell

Elly Russell

I love the bright colors that Elly uses in her illustrations. Her art is also more nature-oriented, and the colors used could definitely brighten-up the day of a follower.

17. Leanna Maltese

Leanna Maltese

Leanna Maltese uses current affairs to weave a story into her artwork, for example, her sketch of Cecil the lion. Her picture with the frog and the cottage also has a relaxing, vintage vibe to it.

18. Fiona


I could definitely imagine seeing Fiona’s work in published books – her art tells a story without any words. I appreciate her consistency when it comes to the characters and settings that she uses.

19. Epenski


This artist has a h2 spiritual foundation in her artwork, involving elements such as mandalas, and the concept of the third eye.

20. Kristen Leonard

Kristen Leonard

This Marywood University graduate uses a dark color palette to illustrate animals, giving them a gravity of seriousness. On the other hand, she uses bright colors to create mandalas; both types of art demonstrate her range as an artist.

21. Ostara Tarot

Ostara Tarot

These ladies put a personalized twist on tarot cards. These are hand-made, and their attention to detail combined with an array of colors set their work apart from other decks of tarot cards.

22. Kelly Boyle

Kelly Boyle

Kelly said it herself that, “the eyes are the soul of my work,” which is extremely true; the eyes add depth to her artwork, and draw the viewer in with their mystery.

23. Valeria Álvarez

Valeria Álvarez

This bird is one of my favorite pieces. I love the color scheme and all the peculiar elements in it, such as the palm trees and mountains in the head, and the astronaut in the body of the bird.

24. Hanna Lefcourt

An illustrator from Brooklyn, Hanna uses vividly bright colors and mystical elements to attract viewers to her artwork.

Hanna Lefcourt

While Tumblr is typically looked at as a platform for the younger generation, you must not think of it as a place for inexperienced designers and illustrators. There are plenty of brilliant artists on the platform that can inspire you.

However, if you are looking for an older and professional audience to share your portfolio, Tumblr might not be the platform you should use primarily. Although Tumblr can serve as a valuable stage for up-and-coming artists who want to promote their artwork and share it around in the world, it takes a little digging to find professional graphic designers, illustrators, and painters that are shying away from more traditional portfolio places such as Behance and Dribbble.

Who is your favorite graphic designer or illustrator on Tumblr? Comment below with why and we’ll follow them!


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