Kickass Typography Trends in Logo Design For 2022

By Michael Baker , Nov 29 2021

Typography aims to make the text legible and visually striking for the audience. It is a language on its own, it appeals to everyone, bringing the text to life whether they are reading a magazine or even wall art. Typography is the art of arranging typefaces, line-sizing, line spacing, letter-spacing, and so on.

Graphic designers can access various collections of typefaces. They can download free fonts with the help of generators. With many options available, graphic designers can choose a suitable font to create unique visual identities for brands.

Why Is It Important?

Many graphic designers have given rise to new trends emerging with the use of different fonts and typefaces. But why are graphic designers hooked on this new trend?

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Here are some of the key factors:

Convey Brand Message And Personality

Graphic designers must understand the use of a specific font that reflects a brand’s personality. For instance, a disco jockey logo is usually in futuristic and bold letters to represent their electronic and loud music.

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Stand Out From Other Competitors

Typography helps your brand stand out from other competitors. You must choose a font or typeface that is unique and blends with your logo, website, etc.

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Build A Solid Brand Recognition

In a graphic designers’ arsenal, typography is an ideal tool to build brand recognition. The audience will start associating a font with a brand in logos, website, marketing advertisements, etc, and this process helps build brand recognition faster.

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Influence Buying Decisions

The strategic use of typography in a logo, webpage, and other marketing areas can influence potential customers to make buying decisions. Customers will offer their trust and confidence in your brand, as long as your design conveys your brand message and personality perfectly. This leads up to customers deciding to associate themselves with your services and products.

However, just using the typeface in graphic designing will not produce an off-the-chart result. You must be aware of the trends developing in typography to convey your brand’s message uniquely.

The new trends indicate the preference of people at present and will continue to carry forward in 2022. Therefore, graphic designers can create a variety of designs for a brand, while still taking the emerging typography trends into account.

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This year alone, many graphic designers have experimented and designed new typography trend ideas to make brands stand out and gain attention. These trends include rare designs, unique play on fonts, text alignment, color variations, and highlighting of different letters.

These trends will prosper into the coming year of 2022 along with more new emerging trends. Graphic designers will continue to implement these tactics and use them in their upcoming projects and designs.

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