10 Dominating SEO Trends In 2019 And How To Use Them

By Aamina Suleman , Sep 18 2018

One thing I’ll never truly understand: it’s not love, its Google. Just now the search engine said it’ll bring back ‘www’ to URLs after the “medic” core update and the https warning. Sometimes I feel it’s easier to be in a love relationship than it is to be in a relationship (of any sort and level) with search engines. They’re constantly evolving, and with them, we need to as well otherwise we can bid farewell to our content and website.

Can’t wait to see what’ll happen to seo in 2019?

Changes In Search Engines

Search engines seem to change in two ways mainly. First, the algorithms keep updating and second, the façade of SERPs continually transforms. These are influenced by

    1. Advancements in technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data

    2. User behavior like micro-moments, mobile search, voice search, search intent.

Effects Of Search Engines

Yahoo!, Bing, Google, and other search engines greatly affect websites. Technically your online presence is based on advertising, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. We’re concerned with the latter because that helps you get a higher ranking in an unobtrusive and organic way.

Search engines impact the following aspects of any website: popularity, accessibility, and credibility. These can be orchestrated with trending SEO techniques that are white-hat and focused on the audience rather than just search engines.

Evergreen SEO Tactics

New seo trends appear, reappear and disappear but some tactics are perennial and simply strengthen the contemporary landscape.

The SEO Dos

  • Build links through mentions in top ranking and relevant websites.
  • Focus on keywords that matter, relate and aim to solve user problems.
  • Backup visual content with alt text and tags for search engines and users.
  • Provide helpful content that is educational, practical and entertaining.
  • Design an accessible user-experience that eases buyer’s journey.
  • Make a responsive web design that is seamless on all devices.
  • Research and evaluate industry, competitors and user behavior.

The SEO Don’ts

  • Avoid black-hat methods considered unethical, illegal and deceiving such as:
    • Keyword stuffing
    • Intrusive advertising
    • Linking farming
    • Duplicate content
    • Hidden links and text
  • Don’t overuse graphics and animations that slow down your website.

So now let’s plunge in the sea of latest SEO trends forecast that’ll get you safely on shore in 2019.

Dominating Seo Trends In 2019

So, let me wrap that up quickly

  • The voice search revolution has kicked in and it’ll stay because its user-friendly and easily accessible for everyone. So make sure your content includes conversational phrases as well.
  • Videos have stormed the world with their mash up of audio/video and if you’re a creator, don’t forget to make use of keywords. YouTube recently stressed on hashtags so make sure you add them in your descriptions.
  • Worldwide mobile phone user penetration in 2019 will be over 63% according to Statista. Thus, it makes a lot of sense to create a user-interface and user-experience that targets the mobile market.
  • Gone are the days when you could cloak your content or do keyword stuffing. The future is all about quality, which includes problem&ndashsolving, creatively educating, inspiring, and entertaining your audience in a cultivating way.
  • On one hand there are the good websites and apps while on the other there are fake accounts, hackers and insecure platforms. So make sure you get SSL certified with https to become a credible site.
  • Your search engine optimization efforts will go to waste if you’ve not planned a successful journey for your website visitors. Do effective internal linking and make sure the page design eases navigation.
  • Blockchain will add a new dimension to SEO. It’ll remove the middleman concept, which will probably lessen the number of fraudulent attempts. Everything will be verified and recorded. So let’s see how this turns out
  • Influencers are those who’ve maintained a good status in their respective industries so getting in their notice will help you garner valuable backlinks and recognition. In a way, they’ll become your brand ambassadors.
  • A solid research article without any fluff will help you go in the details of your niche topic. Long-form content accompanied with visuals and insights educate users.
  • Our lives has been revolutionized by artificial intelligence. Smart robots and machine learning algorithms are being used by search engines to detect anomalies in content and refine their content filtration. AI will further have an impact on seo, let’s see.

If you’re a determined startup that wants its website to be ranked among the winners in terms of visibility and usability then you need to pay attention to search engine optimization insights, trends and techniques. You can either learn about it yourself or take help from professionals who will provide free SEO consultation and a customized plan for you.

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