Pantone Prediction: What Color Palettes Designers Will Choose In 2017

By Mehreen Siddiqua , Aug 31 2016

The most anticipated things in the world will include Kardashian’s next post on Instagram, Star Wars upcoming movie sequel, Lottery results and Pantone color of the year announcement. For 17 years now Pantone has created a hype around this news such that it remains a topic of hot discussion among design communities for months. From interior décor to the fashion industry, everyone’s tests the new pantone color which gets accepted unanimously as a trend. Similarly there’s much ado about the 2017 Pantone color of the year and the palettes it will generate.

Last year, the 2016 color forecast by ZillionDesigns was not too far from the actual announcement. We used a simple formula to predict deep peacock blue but Pantone surprised the world by announcing a dual shade blending Rose Quartz and Serenity to symbolize balance. What is the design community expecting this year?

When pantone color of the year was announced in 2015, we gave a cheat sheet for marsala color palettes for use in graphic design. This time the wait is getting longer with 3 months still remaining for the official announcement. But we are not completely clueless about the color pattern hence we will try predicting. Going back a few years, we noticed that the sources of inspiration for the Pantone Color of the year were Flowers, Portraits, Gemstones and Art and dance forms. Sticking to the same idea, this year’s color will be derived from a palette that is about striking a balance between opposing tones.

Pantone also gave out some fresh and new colors in their fashion color report for 2016. The overall palette comprising 11 colors was led by the family of blue complemented by certain earthy tones and vibrant colors. While the whole will remain in trend for a while, 2 of the shades are likely to remain vogue for the coming year. Potter’s Clay and Spicy Mustard have that sparkle that will allow the transition from balance (Rose Quartz and Serenity) in 2016 towards celebration in 2017.

Potter's Clay
Image Source: Pantone

Spicy Mustard
Image Source: Pantone

Stepping towards 2017, you can expect some colors of celebrations that blend technological advancement with nature. The default color of technology is gray and will continue to be that way blended with bold yellow and shades of orange to instill a sense of health and vitality into the future.

Earthy and rust color will make a dominant appearance whereas, yellow-green will be used as an uplifting accent. Earlier this year, Pantone Eisemen shared 2017 home color palettes that are mostly vibrant and energetic and most importantly give us hints about the possible 2017 color of the year. Check out this infographic predicting the color of the year and the palettes that will be the best arsenal for designers in 2017.

Pantone Prediction Color Palette Designers

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