Typography Trends Prediction You Ought To Know

By Aamina Suleman , Jan 25 2016

Of course we’ve not forgotten typography. How could we?

We are still in the first month of a new year, and there’s a lot to catch on to complete the 365 day cycle. Till now, you’ve been introduced to all trends related to app, web, logo, and color. Hold on to your bubbles of creativity, till you know the typography trends for 2016.

I believe there isn’t a time in history when typography served no purpose; it always has and it always will. The story of typography started with Gutenberg in the 15th century, and is continuing to become increasingly popular.

Today designers are leaving no stone unturned. People are using different techniques of typography to embellish websites, print materials, social media images and videos. Type is everywhere; disguised differently to accomplish various branding and marketing goals.

To keep up with such a fast paced world, you need to know all that’ll conquer this year in typography.

Top Typography Trends

If you are anticipating that I’ll say a “modern” typeface is in, then you’re partly correct. Nevertheless, it’s no more about being contemporary; at least that’s the impression designers are giving. Why am I saying this? Look around you, you will see:

• Retro fonts are making their way back
• Watercolor effect is being used with type
• Serif is being used for classy and elegant look
• 20th century fonts are used for shop hoardings

So all the things people thought were ancient in design, are actually returning.

Types of “hip” fonts

There are thousands of fonts circulating in the graphic and web design market these days. From free to paid, all have their own personalities. For example if you want a customized look, then Wanderlust will give your advertising the hand-written feel. You may also like: Mulberry Script by Cindy Kinash, Trend by Daniel Hernandez and Paula Nazal, Local Market by Charles Gibbons or Riley Cran’s Fairview.

Where to look for inspiration?

While knowing these typefaces is important, you should also know how to creatively use them. Behance is a great place to explore the works of professional and amateur typographers. You can explore Typography Served for ideas. Pinterest galleries are full of designs using typefaces in original ways. There are many more websites available on the internet with a click of a button.

Although being inspired is great, you need to know what’s happening this year. For this my friends, you need to know the typography trends. This way you will know exactly what what’ll make your content shine.

Here are typography trends you ought to know in 2016.

Which strikes you most as surprising?

Typography Trends Infographic Thumbnail

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