Embracing The New Normal With A Rebrand

By Janil Jean , Aug 7 2020
LogoDesignGuru to ZillionDesigns

Covid-19 arrived with 2020, and it doesn’t seem to leave anytime soon. We may crib, cry and curse this forced lockdown, the reality is – this is the new normal. We either cave under this pandemic or embrace it. ZillionDesigns and LogoDesignGuru have chosen the latter, and the result is the merger of two great brands.

The first thing that any rebranding process needs is the logic behind it; the “why” that’s worth investing in. Here are some reasons:

  1. Covid-19 has impacted businesses all over the world and ours is no different. By merging the brands, we can now put all our efforts under one umbrella.
  2. LogoDesignGuru was notably getting too serious, right? So we decided to pump it up with new and exciting spirit.
  3. Making the two brands one will widen the horizon of content that both business owners and graphic designers can enjoy.
  4. Plus, it’s much easier to monitor and manage one unique brand than to have two similar ones and as a result we can be at your service without glitches.

Let me tell you a secret – only a couple of the above are the true reasons for our merging, but hey, we love the new challenges, right?

The second step in rebranding is to choose a brand identity that will reflect the new business direction. It was a tough call but we chose to go with ZillionDesigns as a brand identity. A fresh and modern logo with LogoDesignGuru as a tagline, and a more defined icon to denote the varied services we provide to our client and designer communities.

ZD old and new logo

The new normal has never looked better! What do you think?

The third thing to consider is a step-by-step plan. Combining LogoDesignGuru.com with ZillionDesigns is part of our strategy to maintain the same great customer service, sustain an even larger graphic designer community, and of course deliver outstanding graphic design work.

Next, get started on the process. We started by merging our blogs so that our audience do not lose out on any of the valuable information and content hosted on ThinkDesign. With a merged blog, we aim to deliver even better in-depth articles, tutorials and info-media for you, both business owners and graphic designers. Stay tuned by following ZillionDesigns social media.

Finally, move the business onto new grounds. Yesterday, we have finally moved our main LogoDesignGuru website to ZillionDesigns domain. It has been hectic and we are still fixing things but you needn’t worry.

  • You can still launch design contests as usual with the same process, only a different interface.
  • You can still participate in design contests with the same ID, clients and customer support team.
  • You can still use our ticketing system, dashboards and delivery system.
  • You will still receive the same quality of social media content.

All that’s left now is to embrace the new normal!

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